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Mega World is the first player-owned virtual megapolis, where everyone can built their provably owned real estate.

Build The World

Are you brave enough to open the construction site?

Hop in the virtual real estate business!

Bring to life unique architectural projects, private apartments decorated to your taste, offices with a magnificent view for your corporation.

Open museums or art galleries, just don’t forget to charge admissions!

Trade Open market

The core of the New Real is the vibrant player-driven economics. Offer services and goods on the open market

  • Trade resources
  • Sell your crafts and buildings
  • Flip Land Plots
  • Help other players
  • Rent out buildings
  • Govern a whole city district
  • Collect taxes


Create useful interactive and cosmetic items to decorate your interiors and sell to other players

  • High-tech Devices
  • Cars and Helicopters
  • Artworks and Sculpture
  • Furniture and Decorations
  • Tools to Accomplish Missions
  • Produce resources required by other players


New realm for everyone — from casual visitors to ambitious entrepreneurs.

  • User-generated gaming map
  • Daily interactive quests
  • Thousands of Citizens
  • Unlimited strategies


  • March 2021

    Mega World DEMO

    • Main Tower Lobby
    • Mayor’s Office
    • Storefronts
  • November 2021

    Mega World INTRO

    • Walking Down the Streets with a Citizen as an Avatar
    • Entering Buildings
    • Public Transport Map with Subways and Bus Stops
    • The Fellowship Tower and the Penthouse 43
  • August 2022

    Mega World TOUR

    • Meet other Citizens
    • Real Citizens as Avatars
    • Camera Mode
    • Rotate a Building
    • Rewards Campaign
  • TBA

    Mega World BUILDER

    • Custom Buildings Constructor
    • Architectural Projects catalog
    • Discover Projects made by other players
    • Vote for the best Projects
  • TBA

    Mega World ALPHA

    • Deploy Custom Buildings on the gaming map
    • Acquire Construction Licenses
    • On-boarding Tutorial
  • TBA

    Mega World BETA

    • WORLD
    • Tasks for Citizens to WORLD
    • WORLD and Avatars Tasks required for production in the Microeconomics
  • TBA

    Mega World Release

    • Craft Unique Items
    • Customize Interiors
    • Custom Outfits for Citizens
    • Unique and Special Citizens
    • Mobile Application
    • Standalone App
  • Further Development

    • Advertising
    • Invitations and Keys
    • New Blocks for Customs
    • New Recipies for Items
    • Voice Chat
    • VR