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$MEGA Token OTC Deals

Over-The-Counter MegaWorld $MEGA Deals

A prime chance to acquire $MEGA at historically low levels ahead of Public Alpha!

A total amount of 5 Million (24% total supply) MegaWorld $MEGA Tokens will be released on the market via OTC deals prior to MegaWolrd Express Public Alpha launch.

This is the first time such a substantial quantity of $MEGA is available, with none ever being airdropped or given away for free. MEGA is required for every action in the game, with over 10 use cases available and new ways to lock, earn and spend to become available in Public Alpha.

$MEGA Allocation and Tokenomics

MegaWorld OTC deals are exclusively taking place on the official website on verified and open sourced Ethereum smart contract, deployed by the same entity responsible for all the MegaWorld game assets and contracts!

Please stay safe and trust official sources only!

More about $MEGA OTC Deals

Batches & Allowlists

A total of 5'000'000 MEGA will be distributed in 5 batches, each comprising 1'000'000 MEGA. Batches vary in minimum order and price.

KOLs and those pooling with others aiming for a better deal, or keen to explore early batches availability (min order of 150000 MEGA), please fill the form. The MegaWorld team will be in touch soon.

Register Your Interest

Reserved allocations have a 14-day completion window. Unclaimed reservations will be offered to the next in line, filling the form is also the best way to get a chance for the earlier Batch.

If you're on the whitelist, you'll find a special condition OTC deal waiting for you, recorded on the OTC smart contract. Please connect your digital wallet to check for pre-approved deals.

Open OTC Deal

Connect wallet to get the list of approved deals and available batches.

Connect Wallet

By connecting a wallet and signing a transaction you agree to Terms & Conditions and MegaWorld $MEGA OTC Procedure.