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As mentioned in the MegaWorld 2024-2025 Masterplan, 5'000'000 $MEGA will be released from liquidity reserves to the market via OTC deals.

MegaWorld $MEGA OTC (over-the-counter) Token distribution takes place on Ethereum blockchain. OTC deals designed not affect the market plrice on the day of the deals and are targeted on accomplishing the go-to-market strategy with Public Alpha release and boosting token liquidity.

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General Terms

$MEGA will be allocated across five batches, each containing 1'000'000 $MEGA. The first Batch will be divided into minimum portions of 250'000 $MEGA, the second one will have portions of at least 150'000 $MEGA with a higher price and the third Batch will have minimum order of 50'000 $MEGA. 

Within every accomplished deal a $vMEGA token (Vested MegaWorld $MEGA) will be minted on the Ethereum network, that will allow unlocking $MEGA from the OTC smart contract after the vesting period ends.

MegaWorld $MEGA will be released to $vMEGA holders after the Public Alpha launch. Sending ETH  mints the corresponding amount of $vMEGA to the purchaser address. 1 $vMEGA will allow the release of 1 $MEGA from the OTC smart contract.

Upon unlocking, $MEGA Tokens could be bridged to BNB Chain and TRON Network with no fees through the MegaWorld game interface.

$vMEGA can not be used in the game.

Conducting a Deal

Navigate to the official MegaWorld website using the provided URL:

IMPORTANT NOTICE! All the official transactions and deals related to MegaWorld services are conducted exclusively through the official website. Please be aware that our team does not engage in deal-making through direct messages or by requesting the transfer of funds directly to any wallet.

For your security we strongly urge to ensure the website address is ignoring any offers received through other means that should be considered unauthorized and potentially fraudulent!

To start off the OTC deal, please proceed by:

1. Scroll down to the "Open the Deal" section and connect your digital Web3 wallet:

2. In case you a have a pre-approved deal there will be a special notice on the page:

MegaWorld Team has created a couple of 1 MEGA special deals to test the deployed smart contract on the mainnet. That MEGA will be returned to the game Funds soon after.

Press "Accept Deal" and sign a transaction in the wallet.

3. Alternatively, select the desired Batch from the list by pressing "GET":

Enter the $MEGA Token amount to acquire and press "Accept Deal" to sign a transaction in the wallet.

4. After the transaction is minted on the Ethereum network you will get a transaction hash:

and confirmation of the $vMEGA balance on the page:

5. We recommend adding the $vMEGA Token to your wallet by importing a new custom token with address:

$vMEGA Token (Vested MegaWorld $MEGA) Contract Address: 

That will allow to track $vMEGA balance and transfer it directly in your wallet.

Approved Deals

Wallets that have been pre-approved for OTC deals will have special deals. All the inquiries collected for OTC deals reservations have been added to the allowlist on the OTC smart contract. Please note that reserved allocations must be claimed within a specified timeframe. The MegaWorld Team has the right to pass any unclaimed allocation to the next individual in the queue.

Please fill out the form so we can consider adding you to the allowlist should there be any available spots.

Sharing an Order

For those interested in in forming a group or conducting a community order for a minimum batch order, sharing the batch is certainly a viable option. $vMEGA that is released after the deal can be sent to any other Ethereum wallet address and then used to release $MEGA from the smart contract.

You can also submit a request as a group, entity or DAO to be included on the allowlist by filling out the form:

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