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Land Plots Parcels

Parcels in MegaWorld are combinations of land plots that can consist of either a single land plot or multiple land plots united together. These parcels provide players with the space needed to construct and develop Custom Buildings.

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Parcels are formed by connecting adjacent land plots owned by the same player in the same District connected by at least one side and requires a transaction on Layer 1.

By acquiring and combining adjacent land plots, players can create larger areas of land to accommodate their Custom Building Projects, allowing for more expansive and unique creations in the virtual world.

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Parcels can only be squares or rectangles and cannot have functional buildings or POIs constructed on them. A land plot must be first converted to a Parcel in order for a Custom Building to be constructed, and a Parcel can be detached at any time to release all the land plots contained within.

Parcels could be traded on the in-game market and external exchanges just like any other token. 

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