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Creators Campaign

Creators Campaign - an initiative designed to incentivize content creation, Web3 education and knowledge sharing. Create and publish content about MegaWorld, invite friends and help them get started to redeem valuable in-game assets worth $1,000,000 and unlock withdrawals in Express mode.

Accumulating Scores

Participants accumulate Scores by successfully completing various tasks such as content creation and sharing, community engagement, inviting friends and mentoring them in the ways of MegaWorld. These could be one-time actions, regular daily or weekly activities and advancements through in-game Achievements.

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The bulk of Scores is acquired when your invited friends master Achievements. Whenever a player you've introduced to the game accomplishes an Achievements (like "visit 50 land plots in Ethereum city") you earn Scores.

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Use accumulated Scores to redeem valuable in-game assets, enable $MEGA withdrawals in Express and enhance your Avatar. Game assets could be utilized in the game or sold.

The Creators Campaign rewards raffle will start October, 25.

Each raffle ticket for the Creators Campaign Rewards Raffle will be available for 1000 Scores. There is no limit to the number of raffle tickets a player may acquire — the more, the merrier!

Scores are used as an entry for a raffle ticket, each ticket comes with a reward — everything you may need to establish operations in the MegaWorld:

Exclusive Real Estates

It is a unique opportunity to win one of the exclusive real estate properties in the vibrant BNB Town - Detached Houses and Apartments Units located on the island around the iconic BNB Tower where all the players start the game, available only within Creators Campaign raffle. 

Detached Houses

Only 3 exclusive residences at the center of the old BNB Town: 10.1, 10.2, 10.3.

Apartment Units

  • 6X 24*8 Apartments
  • 30X 16*8 Apartments
  • 10X 8*8 Apartments

Scattered across the central island surrounding the iconic BNB Tower, Units in both Apartments and Houses unlock fast travel and withdrawals.


Optimize your deliveries in Express mode or reduce Citizen’s stamina consumption in Strategy mode when parked near the building.


$MEGA tokens to be credited on your Express balance, enabling to acquire Units and use Public Transport. Withdrawing or transferring $MEGA to your Strategy balance will necessitate residency within MegaWorld.

24H Hotel

Get a residency for 24 hours in MegaWorld and unlock $MEGA withdrawals.

Boosters for Avatars

Increase your Avatar running speed, reduce distances and transport costs to deliver more orders in time!

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Terms & Requirements

To participate, you must have a registered MegaWorld ID. To become eligible for the rewards, it's required to have a BNB Chain digital wallet connected to your MegaWorld profile. 

Houses are L1 tokens that contain a land plot parcel. Units and Vehicles are L2 tokens. Tokens require a Web3 digital wallet connected to the MegaWorld ID. $MEGA is credited on Express balance and can be used in the game, requires a Unit to be withdrawn to external digital wallet. All tokens could be traded on the in-game marketplace or listed on internal exchanges. Vehicle tokens will be able to be used in MegaWorld Express Beta.