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Release Notes

MegaWorld, the oldest Web3 game running since 2018 introducing its free-to-play Express mode, where players take a role of Couriers to explore 3 autonomous cities and deliver packages for rewards named by building owners. Deliveries are crucial for buildings to operate and produce Resources, which are required to construct and operate other buildings.

The new free-to-play mode is a fundamental shift for MegaWorld, revolutionizing both the Strategy gameplay dynamics and the experience for Web2 players.

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Express mode holds a number of transformative features and serves as conceptual bridge between the Builder and Strategy modes. This article describes key considerations on how Express will impact MegaWorld gameplay.

Launching Schedule

MegaWorld is an extremely complex project with a deep-rooted legacy. The Express mode will be rolled out in several phases. The initial phase, Closed Alpha will be exclusively accessible for a selected group of players, those already owning MegaWorld assets and individuals they choose to invite.

MegaWorld Express closed Alpha is scheduled to start September 21, 2023.

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Terms and Limitations of the Closed Alpha Phase

Please be advised that during and post the Alpha stage, certain numbers, rules, values or limitations may undergo adjustments or changes. This includes, but not limited to, alterations in the number of orders per production cycle, boost gains, implementation of unforeseen limitations or rebalances. Please note that such changes may be implemented without prior notification or special announcement.

Any modifications made during Alpha are driven solely by our commitment to serving player's best interests. Maintaining a balanced gaming environment is paramount to us, as it lays the foundation for the game's long-term success and sustainability. We value your understanding and support!

Managing Orders

With the introduction of Express closed Alpha, all the Industrial, Production (with the only exception of Factories for the current stage) and Energy building owners will be able to set rewards in Strategy mode for couriers to complete delivery orders in Express mode.

Completion of these orders will allow to significantly boost production results — up to 75% in case all the delivery orders are completed withing the production cycle.

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Based on the building type, building owner may need to have anywhere from 10 to 150 delivery orders completed by couriers to maximize the boost for production cycle. In the Beta phase, this range might increase, with the minimum orders required being 25-50 and the maximum stretching to 250-500.

$MEGA Building's Balance

Each building in a Strategy mode will receive its dedicated balance in MEGA, which can be replenished by the player from in-game balance. This balance is shared with Insurance, and will be used to pay couriers for deliveries and Municipal's services.

MEGA can be seamlessly withdrawn back to the in-game Strategy balance from any building, without any limits. In the absence of sufficient MEGA for the planned delivery orders, couriers will be halted from initiating deliveries.

Orders will not utilize MEGA directly from the player's in-game balance.

Rewards for Orders

Rewards for couriers are determined by the building's owner. Couriers receive 75% of the reward, with future updates allowing them to increase this share using Boosts and Citizens with special Traits.

The remaining amount is distributed between District owner, Main Tower's Storefronts owners and developers.

A building owner has the flexibility to collect production results at any time, at any stage of orders completion. The boost awarded will correspond to 1/75% of the total +75% potential boost for each order, with the final order completion accounting for the remaining 25% of the +75% total boost.

Citizen qualifications determine the range within which delivery buildings will be located. Higher specific qualifications equate to shorter travel distances. For instance, for an Energy building, a citizen with 1 point in Endurance may need to travel up to 2-3km. In contrast, a 9-point qualification could place the building of the corresponding type within a mere 300-500m range.

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Guidelines for Couriers

In MegaWorld Express, a phone UX displays all available delivery orders from the buildings nearby, allowing couriers to conveniently select and navigate to the building's location. Please note, that orders list may vary in different locations of the gaming map. Couriers can utilize Public Transport and Units to reach destinations swiftly.

During the closed Alpha, Avatars will possess unmetered Stamina, allowing for unrestricted and continuous running. In future releases, an Avatar's Stamina bar will indicate its capacity for bursts of speed over specific durations as specified by Citizen's Traits and Qualifications.

In a single delivery order, a courier may need to visit between 1 and 15 buildings, depending on the building's level and type.

  • Level 1 — 1-2 destinations
  • Level 2 — 2-3 destinations
  • Level 3 — 3-5 destinations
  • Level 4 — 4-6 destinations
  • Level 5 — 5-8 destinations
  • Level 6 — 7-11 destinations
  • Level 7 — 10-15 destinations

In the early Alpha stage, couriers will enjoy a generous timeframe to complete orders. A building's level determines the given hours for completion after an order is taken.

  • Level 1 — 2 hours
  • Level 2 — 2 hours
  • Level 3 — 3 hours
  • Level 4 — 3 hours
  • Level 5 — 4 hours
  • Level 6 — 4 hours
  • Level 7 — 5 hours

Come Beta, it's highly likely these time windows will be shortened, with rewards being contingent upon the duration taken for order delivery.

Drive Any Vehicle

Avatars can utilize Cars in MegaWorld Express to explore the city and fulfill delivery orders faster. During the Alpha stage, any unoccupied car on the streets is up for grabs; an Avatar simply needs to approach the car and press 'E'. Open access policy is exclusive to the Alpha phase.

In Beta, only Cars represented as tokens and owned by players will be at the disposal of Avatars in MegaWorld Express. Beyond that Cars can be used in Strategy to minimize the Stamina consumption of Citizens appointed to Functional buildings.

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Public Transportation Requirements

Subways and Bus Stops, will function independently of Resources required for operation. While the Strategy interface might display them as 'Closed', they will remain accessible to be used by Avatars in Express mode. Building owners name the price to travel in MEGA, that will be distributed as described in Public Transport.

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Following a week post the Express release, the quantity of Resources needed to build Subway Stations and Bus Stops will decrease by at least one-third. However, the MEGA taxes associated with their construction will see a substantial increase. This adjustment aims to encourage the development of a transport network in new cities, ensuring smooth access to destinations for Couriers. Without infrastructure, Avatars might find it challenging to access districts where vital missions are offered.

In the early days, many visionary players have constructed Public Transport infrastructure objects with anticipation for their future utility. However, until now, these constructions have been without purpose. As we gear up for the eagerly awaited Express launch, the importance of these infrastructure elements is becoming crystal clear. To address this and to show our appreciation to the pioneers who built these objects before their significance was known, we're committed to refunding double the difference in resources spent on the constructions the same day.

Main Towers Storefronts Utility

Since initial distribution, Ethereum & TRON Main Towers' Storefronts have held a legendary status, but no practical implementation. Reflecting their prime locations and symbolic significance, it's time to amplify their role and bring them to life with meaningful utility. We're announce a groundbreaking transformation for Storefronts — one that aligns perfectly with the upcoming Express mode launch.

Starting with closed Alpha, Main Towers' Storefront owners will receive a share in MEGA from every reward paid by a building owner to a courier in their city. Owning a Main Tower Unit symbolizes a commitment to the project and is designed to grant a privilege for participation in governance once the Mayor functionality is in place.

In addition to the newly launched Unit markets and the feature allowing players to set up their Main Towers' Storefronts for sale, all offers are now conveniently accessible with a single click on the main tower in the Strategy mode.

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Risk of Vulnerabilities

Early Alpha participants should note that, although rigorous testing has been conducted, there might still be bugs or errors during this phase. Assistance in identifying them is highly valued and periodic rewards will be provided as a gesture of appreciation for such contributions.

Players are urged not to exploit vulnerabilities for gains as it risks destabilizing the game. Such actions may go unrewarded with any illicit achievements gained to be nullified.