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Functional Buildings

Within the MegaWorld, you'll find precisely seven different types of Functional Buildings, each its own role and operation requirements. Unlike custom buildings, Functional Buildings have predefined designs and serve specific purposes.

Mint new generations of Citizen tokens.
Collect $MEGA from Global Fund and Local (Districts') Funds.
Offer services to Citizens, restore Stamina for $MEGA.
Provide Insurance for $MEGA to protect from Natural Disasters and reduce maintenance.
Produce Basic Materials, required to construct, operate and maintain every building in the game.
Specialize in crafting Complex Materials and Appliances by combining Basic Resources.
Generate Electricity and Water, crucial for operations of all the buildings.

Constructing a Building

Functional Buildings are constructed on Land Plots (not Parcels). Resources and taxes in $MEGA are required for a Functional Building to be constructed. Energy buildings require a Land Plot with Resources spot on it.

Every new construction of a Functional Building makes an impact Functional Building constructed around in terms of Influence Points earned by other buildings. After a Functional Building is constructed on a land plot it can be transferred and traded on the market with the land plot as a single token.

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Upgrading a Building

Functional buildings have levels ranging from 1 to 7. Upgrades occur step by step, with level 6 (Huge) requiring two adjacent level 5 buildings, and level 7 (Mega) needing two adjacent level 6 buildings.

Advancing through levels bring significant improvements to production speed and quality and will impact the amount of Influence Points it has. Upgrades requires Materials as well as fees and taxes in $MEGA to be paid to the Global and Local (District's) Funds.

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Higher building level also has a lower initial multiplier for production speed up fees and taxes.

Level 6 (Huge) and Level 7 (Mega) upgrades require adjacent land plots merging and Complex Materials - Steel, Concrete and Plastic.

Huge Building (Level 6)

Huge building upgrade requires 2x Level 5 buildings of the same type built on adjacent land plots. Merging will create a new token uniting 2x1 land plots block.

Mega Building (Level 6)

Mega building upgrade requires 2x Level 6 (Huge) buildings of the same type built on adjacent land plots. Merging will create a new token uniting 2x2 land plots block.

United Token

Every Mega or a Huge building is a single NFT that holds several united land plots inside, can be traded or transferred just like any other building or a land plot token. While this may seem similar to Parcels mechanics, united land plots for high level buildings do not form Parcels. Land plots under the Huge and Mega buildings could be converted to Parcels only after a constructed Functional Building is demolished.

Buildings Operation

In order for a Functional Building to start its operation a certain amount of Citizens is required to be appointed.

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The production results and effectiveness of a Functional Building operations are determined by a combination of factors:

  • Building Level defines ranges for the amount of Resources and Qualification Points of Citizens to be produced
  • Influence Points set a certain amount in a specified range
  • Appointed Citizens' Qualifications - specific for each type of a building
  • Building's Condition - regular maintenance ensures optimal performance
  • Boots from Points of Interest
  • Perks available in a Distrcit 

By considering these factors and strategically managing buildings, players can maximize production results.

Influence Points that can positively or negatively impact neighboring structures. Careful city planning and collaboration are encouraged as every new construction significantly affects nearby buildings. Strategic placement can result in positive influences, such as increased productivity and cost reductions. Conversely, incompatible buildings in close proximity may lead to negative influences, reducing efficiency or increasing maintenance costs. Creating balanced territories becomes essential to optimize functional building performance in MegaWorld.

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Every Functional Building has a Condition bar that may be worsened during the production or if a Natural Disaster happens in a District, that will require to reapain the building. Condition also impacts the production results of a building.

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Cars could be parked in the Functional Buildings to reduce appointed Citizens's Stamina consumption.

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Appliances could be installed in the he Functional Buildings to boost Influence Points collected by the buildng.

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Demolishing a Building

Any building can be effectively demolished to enable another building being constructed on a land plot. Demolishing returns 1/4 of resources consumed by the last upgrade. That operations cannot be undone. All the upgrades made to the building and all installed Appliances will be lost.