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Game Assets Market Cap

The total game assets market cap in MegaWorld is calculated by summing up the value of all the game assets, which is determined by their market value set through recent deals on the in-game marketplace.

In MegaWorld, the market cap is not solely determined by the value of the $MEGA token - it takes into account the collective value of all the game assets, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as Districts, Land Plots, Citizens, Cars, etc. along with  Resources stored in player balances. Each of these assets contributes to the overall market cap, reflecting the diverse and expansive nature of the MegaWorld economy.

By valuing all the game assets, MegaWorld creates a comprehensive and immersive economic index where every asset plays a crucial role in determining its overall value.

This calculation takes into account the value of each game asset and its currect market price. By considering the Net Worth of each player we are able to calculate the overall market cap, that gauges the economic strength and growth of MegaWorld, creating an exciting and engaging environment for players to participate in.

The "Game Assets Market Cap" ticker on the main page of the website displays the combined valuation of all game assets based on their average market prices:

Game assets parameters that are teken in consideration to determine actual worth of every game asset:

  • Citizens - Generation, Position
  • Land Plots - District floor price
  • Buildings - Level, Type
  • Cars - Type
  • Appliances - Power
  • Resources - Type

That value also account for all the Resources stored on balances and in Packs within MegaWorld, including all the Resources that have been produced and are currently available in the game.