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Web3 Technology

MegaWorld is a Web3 game with the Strategy mode being a decentralized application (dApp) running on multiply blockchains. It utilizes DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to create almost lifelike model of economics with game assets provably owned by players and immutabe game rules.

Web3 leverages the transparency and security, allowing players to truly own and control their in-game assets. That unlocks unique advantages that traditional games cannot provide - such as trading with other players and verified history of operations.

Every single operation that has taken place within the game has been meticulously recorded on the public ledger, spanning years of gameplay history accross three chains.

Multi-Blockchain Support

Each blockchain is represented by its own gaming map, Ethereum city for Ethereum, TRON City for TRON Network, BNB City for BNB Chain. Each city has its own Global Fund and Local Funds for each Dsitricts. All the game assets are traded on the internal marketplace using the native blockchain cryptocurrency or MEGA token.

The total amount of Districts and contained Land Plots within one chain is fixed. For instance, there will never be new Districts openings on the Ethereum city.

Digital Wallets

To fully participate in a Web3 game, a player needs a digital wallet to securely store and manage game assets. Wallets provide a secure place to hold unique cryptographic tokens, which are every game assets, that grantcontrol over your in-game items.

Digital wallet allows to directly interact with the game's smart contracts to perform all the actions in the game, transfer assets, sign operations, send and receive in-game currency.

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There is no limit on a number of wallets a player may have on the same chain. However, there could be only one wallet that can be connected to MegaWorld ID profile in the game. That allows using Citizens and Units in Express Delivery and connects balances between the chains.

Connecting a digital wallet to MegaWorld ID does not transfer ownership or control of assets. All the game assets could be managed only by signing a transaction in your digital wallet.

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MegaWorld utilizes a two-layered blockchain infrastructure to handle game operations. Layer 1 consists of major networks like Ethereum, TRON Network, and BNB Chain, where microeconomic game assets are minted and stored. Players cover gas fees for operations on these networks.

Since 2020, a significant portion of in-game operations has been transferred to Layer 2, specifically sidechains like Polygon and Boba Network. Some microeconomic assets originally minted on Layer 1 were redeployed on Layer 2 (Polygon).

Please exercise caution when trading assets listed on Layer 1, as they may no longer be in use. Additionally, macroeconomic assets (Districts and Land Plots) minted on Layer 2 are purely technical and not intended for trading.

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Cross-Chain Transfers

Some of the Microeconomy assets (Citizens and some Resources) are interoperable and could be transferred between different blockchains. That means players are will be able to send, for instance, Glue produced in Ethereum city to use for Paper production on BNB Chain. That involve taxes in MEGA those fulfill the Funds.

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