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Use the swap widget on MegaWorld website to exchange any cryptocurrency on Ethereum and BNB Chain networks to $MEGA. 

Open Get Mange page, connect your digital Web3 wallet and choose a currency you want to swap for $MEGA.


Sign transactions in your digital wallet, wait for the operation to complete and then check your wallet's balance for received MEGA tokens. Stay informed by tracking the transaction status through the block explorer for a comprehensive view of your transactions.

This form aggregates best offers from all the decentralized exchanges liquidity pools.

The service is operated by Rubik. For support please contact

Get $MEGA on DEX

You can also swap directly on decentralized exchanges:

🔹 UniSwap
🔹 Pancakeswap

Earn fees by providing liquidity in the UniSwap and Pancakeswap liquidity pools.

Add $MEGA to Your Wallet

If you do not see any MEGA tokens in your wallet, you can add them to MetaMask.

Use the "Add to MetaMask" button located on the main page of the website or in your Profile "Transfer" tab to initiate the process. This will enable you to access and manage your MEGA tokens seamlessly within your wallet.

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