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Pets are collectible non-fungible tokens those are created during special events and promotions. Pairing a Citizen with a Pet boosts Citizen’s qualification. Pet tokens can’t be created or changed in the game.

The most Pets were distributed during the MCP3D Pre-order event with qualification boost as follows:

  • Mastiff — Strength
  • Whippet — Endurance
  • Bulldog — Charisma
  • Parrot — Intelligence
  • Korgi — Luck
  • Labrador — Agility

There were also some limited amount of exclusive Pets:

  • Lion – to celebrate the 1st Year Anniversary of the game,
  • Lions – to celebrate the 2nd Year Anniversary of the game,
  • urtles – in celebration of partnership with OpenSea.
  • Kitties – issued during the collaboration with CryptoKitties,
  • Dragon – as a part of promotion on TRON Newtork.
  • Eagle – as a part of promotion on BNB Chain.

A unqiue Bug Pet is minted in rare cases to thank a player for the help to discover and fix a critical bug in the game.

Pets could be freely transferred, gifted or traded on the market just like any other Microeconomy token.