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Citizen's Stamina

Every operation in a building decreases Citizen’s Stamina that can be restored in Commercial buildings.

Citizens appointed in Functional Building consume their Stamina Points while producing Resources and offering services in Commercials, also with the every next day in the Office and Municipal building.

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Stamina Points can be restored instantly for a fee in $MEGA any operational Commercial building in the District. That can be done from the list of appointed Citizens or directly by selecting a Commercial building on the gaming map in the Startegy.

Different Commercial Buildings have different amounts of Stamina Points to be restored, depending on their Influence Points and Level.

The price for Stamina restoration is based on District taxes and Commercial building level.

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Stamina Points Consumption

Amount of stamina points consumed by operations in buildings depends on a building type:

Building Type Stamina Points Consumed by
Residential 100 Each Offspring
Office 25 Each Day
Commercial 5 Sale
Municipal 10 Each Day
Industrial 25 Production Run
Production 50 Production Run
Energy 15 Production Run

Higher Generation Citizens have larger amount of Stamina Points while older Generations may require restoration more often.

Stamina Consumption Bonus

Citizen's Stamina consumption can be reduced by parking Vehicles (Cars & Helicopters) in the building.

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