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Vehicles reduce Citizens’ Stamina consumption in Functional Buildings. That means less restoration costs required by Citizens and more effective production and operations. Vehicles are visible on the gaming map when parked in a building both in Express and Strategy modes.


Different types of Cars suits different types of buildings:

Building Type Cars
Residential Pickup, Hatchback
Office Sedan, Coupe
Commercial Ice Truck, Food Truck
Municipal - Police Station Police
Municipal – Hospital Ambulance
Municipal – Fire Station Fire
Production Container Lorry, Box Lorry
Industrial Wagon, Van
Energy Cargo Lorry, Bus
(All Types) Supercars: Majestic, Armageddon 6x6, Express Delivery Van

When parked in a Functional Building provides all the appointed Citizens with reduction to Stamina consumption:

Car Stamina Restoration Bonus
Majestic (Limited Supercar, max 21) 50%
Armageddon 6x6 (Supercar) 20%
Express Delivery Van (Limited Supercar, max 240) 15%
Ambulance 10%
Bus 10%
Coupe 10%
Fire Truck 10%
Food Truck 7%
Hatchback 7%
Ice Cream 10%
Box Lorry 7%
Container Lorry 10%
Cargo Lorry 7%
Pickup 7%
Police 10%
Sedan 7%
Van 10%
Wagon 10%

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Players will be able to use their Cars in Express mode Beta to travel on the gaming map and effectively accomplish delivery orders. For the MegaWorld Express Alpha players can use any cars found parked near Functional and Custom buildings with no limitations.

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Helicopters are super vehicles with the most benefit to Stamina redemption. They can be applied only on Huge (Level 6) and Mega (Level 7) buildings and have no restriction on the type of the building to be applied to. Only one Helicopter can be applied to a building.

Parking Cars and Helicopters

The number of Cars to be parked near the building depends on the building level:

Level Number of Cars
1 1
2 1
3 Up to 2
4 Up to 2
5 Up to 2
6 (Huge) Up to 3 + Helicopter
7 (Mega) Up to 3 + Helicopter

Cars are L2 assets and could be freely traded on the in-game market or NFT exchanges, transferred just like any other Microeconomy token.

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Since MegaWorld's start in 2018 (formerly MegaCryptoPolis), Car tokens have solely been obtainable through top-tier Packs — all Cars currently accessible in the game were initially acquired from the Store.

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Exciting upgrades are on the horizon — with the introduction of the Car Plant Special Building players will be able to manufacture Car tokens within the game. This process is expected to demand substantial amounts of Complex Materials and Compounds, that will engage players in heavy cross-chain operations.