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$MEGA in Buildings

Each functional building in MegaWorld Strategy possesses its balance of $MEGA that players can top up and withdraw at any time.

$MEGA from the building's balance is used to pay Couriers for completing delivery orders in Express mode to amplify production results and buy insurance services from Municipals to protect against Natural Disasters and reduce maintenance costs.

Building's balance can be refilled from player's in-game $MEGA balance in Strategy mode. Deductions occur when Couriers fulfill delivery order and at the start of each day for Insurance services.

After naming a reward in $MEGA for a delivery order within an Industrial, Production, or Energy building, some amounts of $MEGA may be temporarily blocked on the building's balance. This occurs when Avatars accept orders to be completed and will be held on block until the order is either successfully completed, timed out or canceled by a player. This mechanism ensures that the necessary funds are reserved to compensate Couriers for their services until the delivery order reaches its completed or is otherwise terminated.

$MEGA from the buildin'g balance that is not temporarilly blocked can be withdrawn to player's in-game balance in the Strategy mode.

To make sure all the available $MEGA can be withdrawn please revoke rewards for delivery orders and wait while the blocked amounts will be released. 

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