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$MEGA Use Cases

Construction and Maintenance

MEGA tokens play a pivotal role as a tax mechanism in MegaWorld Strategy. When a player constructs or upgrades a building, a portion of MEGA is collected as taxes.

These taxes are then distributed among the District owner, Local Fund and Global Fund.

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Additionally, MEGA tokens can be used to acquire Resources necessary for constructing a building from the market.

Buildings Operation

MEGA facilitates operation in Functional Buildings and is required to collect production results or acquire services offered in the buildings.

In Production, Industrial and Energy buildings MEGA tokens are required to produce Resources and Appliances. When production is complete, MEGA tokens are needed to gather results and transfer them to the player's balance. This expenditure serves as a tax that is allocated to District owners, Local Funds and Global Funds.

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Creating new Citizens (Avatars) in Residential Buildings necessitates MEGA tokens with distribution mirrors that of production buildings.

Purchase Insurance

In Municipal buildings like Hospitals, Police stations, and Fire Stations, MEGA can be used to purchase insurance to safeguard from Natural Disasters and reduce maintenance costs.

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Restore Citizens’ Stamina

MEGA can be spent in Commercial buildings to instantly restore Citizens' Stamina Points, allowing them to continue their operation in Functional Buildings without interruption.

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Unlock Perks in Districts

Perks unlocked in Districts by staking MEGA benefit all the building owners constructed within. Everyone can add MEGA to a District, contributing to the strategic development of its territory.

Cross-Chain Transfers

MEGA is required to facilitate transfer of Resources and Citizens between different cities, each running on its blockchain. Increased transfer volumes leads to higher ticket prices in Airport.

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Public Transport Tickets

Avatars completing delivery orders in Express Delivery utilize Subways Stations and Bus Stops to reach their destinations faster, purchasing tickets with MEGA.

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Courier Rewards

MEGA serves as a rewarding mechanism for Functional Building owners to incentivize Avatars in completing delivery orders in Express Delivery, significantly amplifying their production results.

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License Fees

Players looking to deploy someone’s Custom Building Project from the Catalog use MEGA as a license fee granting the right to build well thought out construction on their land plot parcel.

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Trading on the Market

MEGA serves as the medium of exchange on the in-game marketplace, allowing players to buy and sell all Layer 2 assets, including Resources, Citizens (Avatars), Units, Appliances, Pets and Cars.

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