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Rent a Building

Renting a building token allows to use it like your own for a daily fee.

Operation a building requires a Citizens and a bit of effort to collect results on a regular basis. In case that's not your plan, just rent it out on the market.

Cryptocurrency generating buildings (Office, Commercial and Municipal types) couldn't be rented.

Building owner sets the daily rent price, minimum and maximum period for a building to be available for rent. After someone pays the price, the building tocken will be locked and rentee will be able to use it for this peroiod.

There is a 10% comission on rent price that is deducted from the building owner. This comission is distributed like 2.5% for the Global Tax Fund, 2.5% for the Local (District's) Tax Fund, 2.5% for the District owner and 2.5 for the MCP Team. So when you put an 0.1 ETH /day rent offer for a building you'll receive 0.09 ETH /day on your in-game balance.

Buildings rent offers will appear on the global gaming map with a special sign "For Rent" on a land plot and on the market under the "Building for rent" tab.

Building owner will be able to see his rented property in the "Land Plots" tab in "My Assets" page with "RENTED OUT" badge. Rented property will not be listed in "Land Plots" list (Main menu button) for the building owner. Renter will see his rented buildings in "Buildings for rent" tab in "My Assets" page with "RENTED" badge and in the "Land Plots" list. Rednted buildings also appear with an orange glow in the Grid more (minimap button) and with the "Land Plots" main menu button pressed.

Building are rented without Citizens and Cars. Renter can appoint his own Citizens and park his Cars — they will be released automatically when the rent is finished. Renter can’t upgrade or modify a building after it's rented as well as install or remove any Appliances during the rent period.