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Express Delivery

Express is a new game mode within the MegaWorld ecosystem, operating on a free-to-play model that allows players to explore cities, complete delivery orders with rewards in MEGA, establish a residence and meet other players. Does not require a digital wallet to play.

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Express educates players about MegaWorld Strategy mechanics, introduces players to different building types and provides an explanation to Web3 concepts through engaging delivery missions and explorative gameplay. Navigating the vibrant environment, players accumulate MEGA, learn how Resources production loops works and build up a career in the MegaWorld.

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Delivery Orders

Owners of functional buildings in MegaWorld Strategy mode set up delivery orders to amplify their building's production output. To ensure timely order completion within production cycles, they offer rewards in MEGA to incentivize couriers - Avatars playing the Express mode.

Depending on the building's type and level, this could entail anywhere from 10 to 100 orders being accomplished in a building to gain an impressive +75% in production results. Importantly, it's always about the last order to be completed for the +25% increase. Please note these values may change over time.

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As couriers progress in the game, the need for residency within the MegaWorld becomes paramount. This is achieved by accumulating MEGA to purchase a Unit, that is a part of a Custom Building, built using Resources also produced with the help of the couriers.

Those who own Custom Buildings can mint and put Units up for sale on the open market in exchange for ETH/TRX/BNB or MEGA. It's where the interplay between Express and Strategy modes' players only begin.

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Starter Avatar

When a player first dive in the MegaWorld Express, a basic Courier Avatar is given, endowed with 1-point qualifications across the board. The beginner Avatar is tailored for Express mode, allowing to play the game and complete missions. However, the basic Courier Avatar is not tokenized and doesn't appear in 'My Assets' in Strategy mode or assets count in players wallet, thus can't be appointed to a functional building in Strategy mode.

Complete a MegaWorld Strategy tutorial to get a free Citizen token that can be appointed to functional  buildings (available on Ethereum network only, does not require any ETH to obtain).

Players have the freedom to select any Citizen as their Avatar for Express Delivery - just ensure your chosen Citizen is set as the Avatar for your MegaWorld ID. The better the qualifications match with a building's type, the shorter will be the journey for a delivery.

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