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Residential Buildings

Residential buildings allow to create new generations of Citizens.

Modern House
Mints Citizens with better Charisma and Endurance
Mints Citizens with better Intelligence and Agility
Mints Citizens with better Luck and Strength

Citizens can be appointed to operate Functional Buildings or used to create new generations of Citizens in the Strategy mode, applied as PFP (profile picture) or an Avatar for the MegaWorld ID and used in the Express Delivery mode.

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Every new Citizen token created in a Residential building will have the successive Generation compared to the lowest Generation among all the appointed Citizens. For instance, if the highest Generation is Gen A, the next offspring will be Gen B.

For instance, if you have 19 Gen A Citizens and only one Gen B Citizen appointed, the resulting offspring will have Gen C.


The Qualifications of an offspring in a Residential building are influenced by various factors such as the building level and influence points, building type, Qualifications of Citizens appointed to the building. Higher building levels provide a greater chance for offspring to exceed the Qualifications of their parents. By strategically managing these factors, players can increase the likelihood of Citizens to surpass the average Qualifications.

Certain building types have a bonus for certain qualifications:

  • Villa is the best for Intelligence and Agility;
  • Modern House best for Charisma and Endurance;
  • Condominium best for Luck and Strength.

Qualifications significantly impact a Citizen's performance in various building types throughout MegaWorld. Each qualification—Strength, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck—holds relevance in different areas of gameplay.

By ensuring that the qualifications of your Citizens align in a single Residential, you can optimize the productivity and output of your building.

The level of Residential Building defines the Qualifications an offspring will have. For Level 1 buildings, offspring will generally have lower Qualifications compared to their parents. Mid-level Residential buildings offer a slight chance of new generation Citizens having the same average Qualifications, while higher-level buildings especially Huge and Mega provide a significant advantage by producing offspring with better Qualifications.

Minting a Citizen

A certain amount of Citizens required to start operations depends on a building level. It's important to strategically manage your Citizens and their Qualifications in each Residential building to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency.

Residential buildings uniquely require to maintain a balanced 50/50 ratio between appointed males and females. It is the sole building type in the game that enforces this equilibrium.

Building Level Citizens Required Citizens Produced
1 2 1
2 4 1
3 6 1
4 8 1
5 10 1
6 (Huge) 14 2
7 (Mega) 20 4

Operation Timing

The time it takes for a new Citizen to be ready in a Residential building is calculated based on the "Breeding count" - an amount of Citizens a Citizen can produce.

It's always a good idea to have all Citizens of the same Generation with matching Qualifications housed in a single Residential building. This strategic approach yields better results and maximizes.

The time it takes for a new Citizen to be ready is determined by the lowest Generation of a Citizen appointed to a building — the slowest Citizen will determine how long it takes for new Citizens to be minted.

The production time is always based on the worst Citizen in the building — for instance, if you have 19 Citizens with 55 Breed count and only one with 45 Breed count it will take 51 hours as set for a Citizen with 45 Breed count.

A certain amount of Resources (Electricity and Water) and a tax fee in $MEGA will be required to mint a new Citizen token.

Construction Requirements

Level Materials





















6 (Huge)





23 or*


7 (Mega)





/ / 55 

With the upcoming upgrades in MegaWorld, the creation process of Citizens is set to be enhanced through the utilization of Traits. This exciting change will introduce the possibility of receiving Special Citizens, who will play a crucial role in Express Delivery missions and will be utilized in specific buildings such as the Cars Plant, Hotels, and Universities.

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