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Compound Materials are produced from Complex Materials in Chemical plant (Production building).

Produced in Ethereum City
Produced in TRON City
Produced in BNB City

Compounds are used to construct Custom Buildings and craft Paper that is crucial for all the Office buildings to operate.

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Compounds Production

Different Compounds are produced on different chains.

  • Glue is produced on Ethereum from Bricks and Glass produced on Ethereum
  • Mixes are produced on the TRON from Bricks and Glass produced on TRON
  • Composite is Produced on BNB from Bricks and Glass produced on BNB

Compounds are produced in Production Buildings:

Chemical Plant
Produces Compounds (Glue, Mixes and Composite) in different cities.

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Compounds are cross-chain materials utilized in the production of Paper. In each city's production process, two Compounds are required to create Paper, which means they need to be transferred from other chains.

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In future updates, Compounds will be required for Level 3+ Functional Buildings upgrades and maintenance.