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About MegaWorld

MegaWorld (formerly MegaCryptoPolis) — Web3 city builder strategy game since 2018, transformed into virtual multiverse with real economics.

An immersive on-line multiplayer game that allows players worldwide to collectively build a unique virtual universe like never before. It offers three modes of play, each with its own set of gameplay features and objectives:

  • Strategy — construct buildings, produce game assets, trade on the open market.
  • Builder — create Projects of Custom Buildings to live and work in MegaWorld.
  • Express Delivery — explore the world with Avatar and complete tasks in Functional Buildings to allow Resources production in Strategy.

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Players construct buildings to mint game assets that are required by other buildings to be constructed and operate. $MEGA and Resources used for every action in the game and can be traded between players. Daily delivery orders fulfilled by Avatars in Express Delivery enables Resource production.

What's so Special?

MegaWorld operations are 100% on-chain with every game item being an asset provably owned by a player, secured on distributed ledger and stored in a digital wallet. Every action in the game is a transaction on a blockchain signed by a player.

Game logic runs entirely on self-executing smart contracts deployed on Ethereum, TRON Network and BNB Chain, Polygon and Boba Network blockchains. Web3 ensure secure digital assets ownership, transparancy and immutability of game rules transaction.

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Web3 Made Easy

Start your adventure in the MegaWorld with Express Delivery mode that will introduce you to the game's fundamentals ss you explore the gaming world. With just your E-mail address, create a MegaWorld ID providing a virtual wallet that allows to start accumulating $MEGA straight away.

MegaWorld provides a seamless on-boarding process educating new players about the very basics of Web3 and guiding thought creating a digital wallet.

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Game Assets

All the game assets, like Districts, Land Plots and Citizens form an interconnected ecosystem. Land plots are required to construct Buildings, Citizens to operate them to produce Resources, that is required by other Buildings to be constructed, upgraded, maintained and operated. These asset types influence each other, encouraging trade and collaboration between players as it is almost impossible for a single player to handle the entire production line.

Every possible interaction with a game asset is governed by smart contracts, which define the rules and mechanics of the game, that includes micro and macro economics.

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Unlike many other Web3 projects, MegaWorld market cap is defined by the market valuation of all the game assets, that is mostly represented by non-fungible assets, and not only by the token.

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5 Years in Making

MegaWorld has rich history of uninterrupted development spanning over several years. From humble beginnings to groundbreaking advancements, the MegaWorld team has continuously pushed the boundaries of Web3 gaming.

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