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Open Market

Every game asset can be freely traded on the marketplace or token exchanges.

All the game assets are ERC-721 crypto tokens stored in player’s wallet with ownership rights ensured by a blockchain immutable ledger. They can be freely transferred or traded on the in-game marketplace (Market button in the main menu) or external exchanges (like OpenSea).


Players are able to list their game assets for sale at any price that they consider to be reasonable. Land plot offers will appear on the global gaming map with a distinctive "For Sale" sign visualized on a land plot, so that all the players will be informed about actual offers.

Land plots are sold with the existing building, all the upgrades and installed appliances providing the new owner with all the Influence Points bonuses it generates.

Citizens and Cars are released from the building when they are purchased on the market — they can be sold as independent tokens later. Building can still continue production while it's listed on the market — however, please be informed that a production may be terminated at any time if a token is purchased that will stop any unfinished production progress.

All settlements in the integrated marketplace are made in native blockchain cryptocurrency (Ether for Ethereum network). Payments are credited to the seller's in-game balance those can be then withdrawed directly to the designated Ethereum wallets.

Any token can also be transferred or gifted to any other wallet.