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Buildings form the foundation of MegaWorld's virtual cities and bring life to the gaming experience. These structures are constructed on individual land plots or vast areas, each with its unique purpose and functionality.

There are four primary classes of buildings that players can construct:

Functional Buildings

Constructed on Land Plots (not Parcels), Functional Buildings serve specific purposes, each type play a vital role in the MegaWorld Strategy. They are required to produce game assets and provide services to other buildings.

Modern House
Mints Citizens with better Charisma and Endurance
Mints Citizens with better Intelligence and Agility
Mints Citizens with better Luck and Strength

Business Center
Accumulates $MEGA from Global Fund.
Office Block
Accumulates $MEGA from Local Fund.

Trade Center

Fire Station
Protects from Fires.
Protects from Storms.
Protects from Floods.

Produces Bricks from Wood and Stone.
Produces Glass Sand and Metal.
Chemical Plant
Produces Compounds (Glue, Mixes and Composite) in different cities.
Produces Steel from Metal and Stone in Ethereum City.
Concrete Plant
Produces Concrete from Metal and Stone in TRON City.
Plastic Factory
Produces Plastic from Metal and Stone in BNB City.
Produces Appliances from Steel.
Paper Plant
Produces Paper Wood, Sand and Compounds.

Smelter Plant
Produces Wood or Metal.
Mixing Plant
Produces Sand or Stone.

Power Plant
Generates Electricity.
Water Plant
Generates Water, uses Electricity.

Functional Buildings could be upgraded to increase effectiveness and reduce production times. Higher levels may require adjacent 1x2 and 2x2 land plots. Functional Buildings rely on Citizens and Resources to operate. All the Functional Buildings have a Condition bar that may experience a loss during Natural Disasters and intensive usage.

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Custom Buildings

Player-designed structures containing Units for Avatars to live and work in the MegaWorld. Initially created within the MegaWorld Builder, brought to life on the gaming map in the MegaWorld Strategy mode and enjoyed by Avatars in MegaWorld Express Delivery. Could be built only on Land Plots Parcels.

To construct a Custom Buildings, a player must acquire a Land Plots and convert it into Land Plot Parcel, then choose a Project from the Catalog and deploy it on the Parcel using Resources.

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Public Transport

Helps Avatars navigate and fast travel in Express Delivery mode and earn $MEGA for their owners.

Only 1 per District.
Bus Stop
One per 20x20 area.

The Subway, constructed on individual Land Plots (not Parcels), provides an efficient transportation system for Avatars in MegaWorld. Meanwhile, the Bus Stop is an upgrade available for Level 3+ Commercial Buildings and can be positioned on the sidewalk adjacent to it.

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Points of Interest

Gives a bonus for a Helps to plan the District and define places for certain buildings types to be constructed by players to max out Influence Points. Could be assigned to a Corporation in order for its bonuses be be used only b members of a Corporation. Build on on Land Plots (not Parcels), requires 2x2 adjacent land plots for a Landmark and 1x1 for a Monument.

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Constructing a Building

Construction of a building requires resources and taxes paid in $MEGA to the Global and Local (District's) Fund.

Demolishing a Building

All the buildings could be demolished to receive a part of Resources used to construct it and spare a land plot.