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How To Play?

MegaWorld offers three game modes: Strategy (formerly MegaCryptoPolis or MCP3D game), Builder and Express Delivery.

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In fact, only the Strategy mode requires a digital wallet to play as in the Builder and Express Delivery you have the option to utilize Virtual Wallets provided with your MegaWorld ID for initial steps.

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To take full advantage of Web3 game, securely manage your assets and freely transfer $MEGA it is highly recommended to set up a Web3 wallet.

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Get a Digital Wallet

A digital crypto wallet is required to authorise in the MegaWorld Strategy that allows for interacting with decentralized application (dApps) built on blockchain technology, securely store game assets and sign transactions on smart contracts.

How to install a Digital Wallet


Every blockchain has its own cryptocurrency that is required to sign transactions and acquire game assets:

  • Ethereum - ETH (Ether)
  • TRON Network - TRX
  • BNB Chain - BNB Coin

MegaWorld operates on multiple blockchains, allowing for enhanced interoperability and seamless asset transfers between chains for a certain game assets, such as Citizens and selected Resources.

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Start The Strategy

Open MegaWorld Strategy in your browser to start the game. You will be asked to unlock your digital wallet and connect to the game - interface will guide you through this process.

When first opening the game with your wallet a registration window asking for the E-mail will appear.

IMPORTANT! E-mail required for registration is asked only for identification purposes (used to deliver notifications on important occasions). E-mail does not grant access to your assets or in-game account. The only way to authorise in the game, manage your assets and perform actions is by using your digital wallet.

For every blockchain you will be recognised as the new user first and will be asked to enter the e-mail address once again. However, you will be then able to unite all the accounts in your Profile then.

Next time you visit the MegaWorld Strategy just connect your wallet and it wil lregcngise you. Connect your digital wallet in your MegaWorld ID to add all the assets to your Profile.

You can start your MegaWorld journey without a digital wallet. As you progress in the game and become more involved, you'll have the opportunity to create it and enhance your experience to participate in the economic aspects of the Strategy mode benefit from trading.

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