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Achievements serve as a guiding tool for newcomers, encouraging active participation in exploring MegaWorld cities.

Achievements can include activities such as exploring a number of land plots in a certain city, enter  Functional Buildings and Units, visit different Districts.

In future developments, new Achievements will be introduced, such as playing the game for a certain number of consecutive days, utilizing different Subway Stations and Bus Stops and spending a specific amount of time within the game.

Every accomplished Achievement add Scores to the Creators Campaign that allows to redeem valuable in-game assets, receive residency and unlock $MEGA withdrawals in MegaWorld Express and boost your Avatar.

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Receiving Scores from Achivements requries an access to MegaWorld Express that is currently in a closed Alpha. 

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Friends invited through your invitation link contribute to your Scores in the Creators Campaign each time they advance through an Achievements, thus earning you more tickets for the raffle.

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