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Public Transport

Navigating the vast virtual cities of the MegaWorld is a crucial part of Express Delivery gameplay. Avatars are using Bus Stops and Subway Stations for a small fee in $MEGA on a constant basis to cut routes for their destinations and to complete orders faster.

Constructing Bus Stops and Subway Stations in Strategy mode allows players to shape the gaming map and strategically plan Avatars traffic routes in the Districts, aligning production facilities and Units round it.

Subway Station

Every District is allowed to have only 1 Subway Station. A Subway Station requires 4 land plots (2x2 field) and a lot of Resources to be constructed. A Subway Station can be constructed by any player.

Constructed Subway Station allows giving a name to a District on a public transportation map. After a Subway Station is constructed in a District, no other player is able to construct a Subway Station unless the first one is demolished.

Bus Stop

A Bus Stop can be constructed on a sidewalk near the Commercial building of Level 3 and higher. Bus rapid transit allows a seamless roam within a District.

However, there is a limit on a minimum distance between two Bus Stops - no new Bus Stop can be constructed in 15x15 land plots / 20x20 fields close to around already constructed Bus Stop.

A Bus Stop requires a Commercial building Level 3 or higher adjacent to sidewalk to be constructed.

Bus Stop can be added only to Commercials situated adjacent to a straight road tile without any crosswalks, crossroads or road turns. 

Name Your Station

Every Subway Station and a Bus Stop can be given a name. The name will be present on the transportation map. Additionally constructing a subway station in the District will give you an opportunity to name the District as well.

Given names are post moderated. In case a suggested name not comply with Terms & Conditions and publicly accepted rules, a subway station/bus stop can be delisted from the public city map until renamed properly.

Limit - max 30 characters.


When a Subway station or a Bus Stop is demolished it returns ¼ of all the Resources consumed for construction.

MegaWorld Express

Navigating the vast territories of MegaWorld can be challenging, but thanks to the public transport system, Avatars can instantly travel to different parts of the virtual cities to find and complete delivery orders faster in Express mode.

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Every ride on a Subway or a Bus Stop requires a fee for a ticket paid in MEGA, the fare is deducted from Express virtual wallet balance, and distributed as follows:


  • 50% Subway owner
  • 25% District owner
  • 25% MegaWorld Team

Bus Stops

  • 25% Bus Stop owner
  • 25% District owner
  • 25% Subway owner in the District
  • 25% MegaWorld Team

In case there is no Subway constructed in the District, its share from a Bus Stops goes to MegaWorld Team.

Bus Stops and Subways can have zero ticket fees, enabling Avatars travel even if they lack MEGA on their Express balances. That may help to bring more Couriers to complete delivery orders in far-off map locations.

Price to use a transport object is set by the object owner. Default values will be set as 0.01 MEGA for a Bus Stop and 0.05 MEGA for Subway.

Redeem Accumulated MEGA

MEGA collected by Public Transport objects gets credited to the Express virtual wallet balance. In order to claim MEGA earned by a Public Transport object, a player is required to connect a digital wallet holding this asset to MegaWorld ID.

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After doing so, please navigate to 'Profile' and select 'Transfer' to withdraw MEGA from Express to their in-game wallet. Residency may be required to transfer funds from Express to Strategy.

Please note that price paid by the Avatar can be reduced by applied Booster. Also in case a Bus Stop ticket is set as a free of charge, Subway owner will not receive any share.

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