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Custom Buildings

Unique structures designed by players for their Avatars to live and work in the immersive virtual universe. Designed in MegaWorld Builder, constructed using Resources in the Strategy mode, utilized by Avatars in Express Delivery.

These buildings can be tokenized to mint Units, allowing for individual units within the building to be traded or transferred independently.

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Initial design of a Custom Building is described in a Project that is created within the Builder mode. Players have the option to choose from a Catalog of pre-designed buildings or design their own unique structures.

With the help of the MegaWorld Builder, players can bring their architectural visions to life, shaping the virtual landscape of the game. The Builder provides a range of tools and features that allow players to customize the layout, architecture, and visual elements of their Custom Building

Deployig a Custom Building Project

Custom Buildings can be placed on Land Plots Parcels. Parcels in MegaWorld can be formed by either a single land plot or a combination of united land plots, creating diverse and expansive areas. So are the Projects, designed to accommodate different sizes of Parcels.

Custom buildings in MegaWorld require both Resources and the in-game currency, $MEGA to be constructed

When a Custom Building is constructed, the cost in MEGA asked for the Project to be deployed on the gaming map is distributed between Funds, District Owner and the developers, just like with all other types of buildings.

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Once a Custom Building is deployed on the gaming map in MegaWorld, it becomes a permanent fixture and cannot be modified or changed. This includes the structure, units, decorations, and other elements within the building. The design and configuration of the Custom Building will remain as is throughout its existence in the game until demolished. 

Units Tokenization

Players have the ability to create NFT tokens for each Unit in deployed Custom Building. Once this operation is performed, the building's token becomes locked, preventing it from being sold or demolished. However, individual Units retain their independent tradability and transferability.

Should all Units within a building be owned by the same wallet, the tokenization process can be reversed, allowing the building token to be accessed and managed as a whole.

Avatars with ownership of Units have exclusive rights to manage their tokens. This includes the ability to trade, customize, and utilize the Units within the game's Express Delivery mode. They have full autonomy and control over their Units, despite they are still contained within a Custom Building. 

Trading on the Market

Players have the flexibility to trade or sell both entire Custom Buildings and individual Units within them. When a custom building is tokenized and distributed into separate Units, it can no longer be traded as a whole. However, each unit becomes a tradable game asset.

If a player owns all the units within a custom building, they can de-tokenize them, returning the building to a single token that can be traded and transferred again. 

Managing Cars & Media

Custom building projects can include parking slots for cars and spaces for banners, including billboards and signboard to enhance their buildings with visual elements and advertisements.

The owner of a custom building has exclusive control over parking cars on the designated parking slots and setting media to be displayed on the building token. This ownership and control remain with the building owner, even if the building is tokenized and the individual units are owned by different players.


A player can demolish the de-tokenized building and return a part of Resources consumed to construct it.