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In the vast virtual landscape of MegaWorld, players have an array of advertising options to showcase their brand, products or messages to the bustling population of Avatars both in Strategy and Express Delivery modes.

With the powerful MegaWorld Builder, Custom Buildings serve not only architectural wonders but also captivating advertising platforms. Let's explore the four types of advertising elements available, each offering unique ways to engage with the virtual community: 


massive structures dominating the skyline of a city, catching the attention of passersby from afar. Some billboards are so grand that they require multiple land plots to accommodate their presence. 


Hung on the walls of buildings, banners provide a more localized advertising solution. Placed strategically, banners can effectively capture the attention of avatars within the vicinity and create a sense of intrigue or excitement.  


Positioned on the corners of buildings, signboards serve as eye-catching displays to convey important information or highlight specific services. Their visibility at street-level ensures that avatars passing by can easily spot and engage with the advertised content.  

Outdoor Banners 

Positioned to face the sidewalk, outdoor banners maximize exposure to foot traffic. As avatars navigate the bustling streets of MegaWorld, these banners offer an immersive and dynamic advertising experience.   

With these advertising elements integrated into the virtual landscape, MegaWorld becomes a thriving hub of marketing possibilities. By leveraging these opportunities, players can effectively promote their brands, products, or messages to the virtual community, fostering engagement, and creating memorable experiences.

Images Aspect Ratio

  • Medium Screen Advertising (1:2)
  • Large Screen Advertising (2:1)
  • Square Signboard (1x1)
  • Short Vertical Signboard (4x1)
  • Medium Vertical Signboard (8x1)
  • Long Vertical Signboard (16x1)
  • Short Horizontal Signboard (1x4)
  • Medium Horizontal Signboard (1x8)
  • Long Horizontal Signboard (1x16)Billboard 8x4 (2x1)
  • Billboard 14x7 (2x1)
  • Billboard 20x5 (4x1)
  • Roof Billboard (4x1)
  • Trivision Billboard (3x1)
  • Double Billboard (3x1)