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Form a coalition with other players and register a Corporation to set in stone all the conditions of alliance as ensured by the smart contract.

A player can be a member or a founder of only one Corporation. A founder of a Corporation can't become a member of another Corporation or incorporate a new Corporation. A member of a Corporation can't become a member of another Corporation or incorporate a new Corporation.

Corporation ownership rights can be transferred to another player. However, Corporations or roles in Corporations can't be traded on the market.

Creating a Corporation

Every player is able to open a new Corporation in the decentralized city.

In order to do so a player fills a form with some important fields:

  • Name for the Corporation — can't be changed then.
  • Form — Open (anyone can join) or Private (only by invitations)
  • Entry Fee — required for a Member to join the Corporation, can be zero (free entry)
  • Daily Fee — subscription for a Corporation Member, can be zero (free participation)
  • Logotype — an image associated with your management style
  • Manifest — core values and policies for all the members to obey
  • Grace period — a period the management will not be able to kick you from the Corporation
  • Logo will be placed on all the in-game objects (like POI Landmarks) controlled by a Corporation on the gaming map.

A small incorporation fee will be required that goes entirely to the Global Fund.

Joining a Corporation

Every player can join an open Corporation with an Entry Fee (if there is any) or may be invited to join a private Corporation by it’s Manager (no Fee required in this case).

Some Corporations has a Daily Fee that is required to be a Member of a Corporation.

When joining a new Corporation a participation in the current one shall be terminated.

Managing a Corporation

A Player created a corporation becomes its Supervisor.

Supposedly there will be four different roles available in a Corporation:

  • Founder — a creator or an owner, has all the rights in the Corporation;
  • Partner — one who has access to the Corporation’s Fund.
  • Member — one that uses all the bonuses from Corporation’s POIs;

Managing Roles and assigning Rights allows for adjusting a structure for different tactics a Corporation may be used for.

A Founder can transfer a Corporation governing rights to any other player.
However, a Corporation is not a token an can’t be traded on the open market.

A Partner can also enjoy POIs bonuses while his membership fee is paid (or not required). Partner will still have all the rights granted by that role even if the fee is not paid (just no access to POIs bonuses).

Partner will have an option to withdraw ETH or TRX from the Corporation Fund as defined by his share. For example, if a Partner have 1/4 share in a Corporation, he will be able to withdraw.

Partner is assigned by a Corporation Founder. That position can't be sold or transferred to another player. Partner’s share is a NOT a security, commodity or a swap. It can't be offered, sold or treated as a financial instrument. That is NOT a share in any legal instance, real company or institution.

Assigning Building to a Corporation

Assigning building to a Corporation will, besides a massive logo on Office buildings, make its missions available to Avatars working for the Corporation.. Most likely, that will help get more orders done in the Express Delivery and make your building operate way more effective.

Assigned buildings will still be owned by players and just like with POIs there will be an option to resign a Corporation (after a grace period).

Assigning a Landmark to a Corporation

Landmark buildings will have a feature to be assigned to a Corporation.

POI Landmarks still could be used as independent structures (not assigned to any Corporation) to empower a District and engage players to build more as well as Monument POIs will be used by sole-strategy players not willing to cooperate.

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