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Token Allocation

Current Allocation

As reported in MegaWorld 2024-2025 Masterplan as of Jan 2024, current $MEGA allocation shifted towards in-game balances and locks in Districts. Only 1.4% held by players on digital wallets.


Networks Distribution

$MEGA is minted on all 3 chains with a total supply of 21 Millions.

Tokens bridged to other networks are locked on the contract.

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Initial Allocation

$MEGA token was initially distributed as proposed and discussed with the community:

  • “Distributed from the Vault” — and now owned by players across both chains — including in-game balances, amounts staked and on-chain holdings.
  • “In-Game Funds” — what is available to be claimed in the game using Office buildings.
  • “DEX Liquidity” — locked in the pools.
  • “Team Reserve” — ensures developers interest in the project success.
  • “Foundation” — what can be used for the project development or marketing, distributed through fundraising or direct sales.
  • “Bounty Campaign” — motivation campaigns to involve new players; distributed on conditions of participants completing assigned tasks (no giveaways), wining a contest that requires actions (no free MEGA), with amounts not larger than 100 MEGA per participant (with unique wallet).
  • “Retro Airdrop” — direct token transfers to players’ wallets, only wallets with MCP3D assets.
  • “Strategic Partnerships” — reserved for partnerships with industry leaders.
  • “Players Initiatives” — long-term builders rewards reserve used to support tools developers and content creators.
  • “Liquidity & Listings” — MEGA reserve to grant liquidity for the token, mostly locked as reserve for major listings (like top tier exchanges) and liquidity injections.

All the allocated reserves were formed on Ethereum network.

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