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Cross-Chain Transfers

MegaWorld operates across multiple blockchains where every chain represents its city in the game, creating a vast cross-chain economics.

Certain game assets, such as Citizens and select Resources are interoperable and can be seamlessly transferred between chains (cities). However, some game assets, like Districts and Land Plots, are inherently native to their original blockchains and cannot be transferred across chains.

In MegaWorld, the production of specific types of Resources on one blockchain may necessitate Resources from another blockchain. Additionally, Citizens are versatile and can be utilized on any chain, regardless of where they were originally minted.

Cross-chain transfers require a fee paid in $MEGA — with a price depending on the type of an asset, destination and amounts to be transferred.

Citizens and selected Resources could be transferred to another chain within the single player account:

  • Complex Materials (Steel, Concrete, Plastic)
  • Compounds (Glue, Mixes, Composite)
  • Citizens (except K/Z Gen Citizens)

Transfers are divided into 2 categories:

  • Citizens - Passenger transfer
  • Resources - Cargo transfer

Cargo transfer is divided into 2 subcategories:

  • Premium package - top-tier resources such as Complex materials (Steel, Concrete, Plastic).
  • Regular package - Regular package cargo packs are Compounds resources.

Passenger transfers class depends on Citizen’s Qualifications:

  • Economy class transfers Managers, Top-Managers and Professionals
  • Business class transfers Executives and Top-Executives

Price increases with every transfer made within the category and subcategory.

Twice a day, at 0 UTC and 12 UTC the counter is renewed. Basic (initial) prices are set as follows:

Transfers could be done only between wallets of the same player. Collected fees are distributed between the Global Funds of the destination and departure cities.

All the transfers are instant and do not require gas fees, done on Layer 2 and are covered by the MegaWorld team.

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$MEGA token can also be transferred between chains using the Bridge.

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