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What Is It?

MegaWorld is a groundbreaking multiplayer on-line city builder strategy utilizing DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to provide players with granted assets ownership and immutabiltiy of game rules. It was initially launched in May 2018 and operates today on three Layer 1 chains, including Ethereum, TRON Network and BNB Chain.

Every action in the game is a a transaction on a blockchain.

Every game asset it an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) owned by a player and stored in a digital wallet.

All the game assets are crafted in the game, by players, in their buildings, using other game assets.

In MegaWorld, players acquire Land Plots to construct Functional Buildings which can, depending on its type, produce game assets like Resources and Citizens, support other buildings, offer services to Citizens and accumulate $MEGA. Land Plots could be converted and united into Parcels to allow for Custom Buildings construction - initially designed by players in the MegaWorld Builder, these structures contain Units that allows players to fast travel and withdraw proceeds in the Express Delivery mode.

In order for a building to be constructed (both Functional or Custom) a certain amount of Resources is required.

For instance, in order to build Level 1 Condominium (Residential Building), 552 Wood and 315 Sand is required. Wood is produced in Smelter Plant and Sand is produced in Mixing Plant (both Industrial Buildings).

Every operation in the game also requires $MEGA Token, Electricity and Water.

Certain amounts of Resources required for construction and upgrades are published in the Guidelines for each Functional Building type.