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Getting Started

The game does not require any special preparations to try — once your ID is ready, dive into the immersive world of MegaWorld and learn on-the-go!

However, here are the quick tips on how to kickstart your adventure in the MegaWorld virtual realm in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1 — Set up your account

Firstly, create a MegaWorld ID with your e-mail. That sets up a virtual wallet to manage $MEGA and opens access to Express Delivery and Builder.

Start accumulating $MEGA by completing orders in Express Delivery — your account will have a default Courier Avatar, that allows to try the game and get to know the very basics of Strategy mode gameplay during the process.

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Another way to collect some $MEGA without any game assets is creating Projects of Custom Buildings in the MegaWorld Builder and publishing them in the Catalog to offer construction licenses to other buildings.

Step 2 — Connect to Web3

Once you progress with the orders and Projects, you can use $MEGA to upgrade an Avatar for better performance in Express Delivery, purchase an apartment Unit in a Custom Building for your Avatar or entire Custom Building to park a Car or just withdraw $MEGA to your digital wallet.

At this point you are recommended to connect your Web3 digital wallet to your Profile in the MegaWorld ID and start managing your assets in the MegaWorld Strategy. That allows for trading game assets on the open market, transferring $MEGA from your virtual wallet to a digital wallet and trading $MEGA on any exchange.

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Step 3 — Experience the Power of MegaWorld 

Acquire a land plot to operate a Functional Building producing game assets required by other players and providing Avatars with delivery orders or construct a Custom Building to mint Units for Avatars. That's where an actual fun is just starting - build Public Transport to shape the city, incorporate your Corporation or govern an entire District. There are so may ways to play the game.

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Start today from completing the Strategy mode tutorial and setting up a Web3 wallet to receive FREE* Citizen token that can be appointed in a Functional building to start production or used in Express Delivery with enhanced performance.

Launch Tutorial

* — no gas fees required. Citizen token will be minted on Polygon L2 for Ethereum City.