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MegaWorld ID

MegaWorld ID serves as the central hub for all your MegaWorld experiences, providing a single login that streamlines access to all the game's modes. Unlocking seamless no-wallet onboarding, MegaWorld ID simplifies the process of joining the Web3 revolution. It acts as the core account management mechanism, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free user experience for the next generation of Web3 adopters.


Set a Citizen as your Avatar for MegaWorld ID to represent your identity in the Strategy game and use it for Express Delivery missions.

Changing Name

MegaWorld ID profile name is no longer connected to your Citizen name and can be changes in Settings. This is a public name that will be then published on every page on every game asset information and rankings.

Connecting Wallets

A player has the option to connect their digital wallets to their MegaWorld ID, but it's important to note that this does not transfer ownership or control of assets.

The purpose of connecting wallets is for informational purposes, allowing the collection of statistics and displaying user information on the new social features of the website. It also facilitates seamless navigation across different game balances, such as Strategy, Builder, and Express Delivery. Connecting assets, such as Citizens and Units, enables their utilization by the player's Avatar in the Express Delivery mode.

Virtual Wallets

MegaWorld ID held management of MEGA tokens for you, with no need to create a digital wallet, though preserving it with required secury of holding tokens on secure smart contract ready to be sent to your digital wallet once you'll have it.

Within MegaWorld ID a player have several virtual wallets to hold MEGA and use it to play the game:

  • Builder - accumulates royalties from Projects deployed on a gaming map
  • Express Delivery - for delivery orders rewards and using of a Public Transport. can be sued to purchase a Unit from the market. separate for each city:
    • Ethereum City
    • TRON City
    • BNB City

Express Delivery balance can be fulfilled from any other Virtual Wallet or in-game account, and ou can withdraw $MEGA from both Builder and Express Delivery balances to your

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There is only one requirement to withdraw $MEGA from Express Delivery balance - a player must have a Unit in this city. It can be purchased on the market from other players for $MEGA, or as constructed own a Custom Building.

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Setting Password

You can deifne a password to login in MegaWorld ID without need to enter confirmation code sent to your e-mail every time. That does not hold any risks assosiated with game asets management.

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