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$MEGA Token

$MEGA is the cornerstone of economy and is involved in every operation in MegaWorld. Starting from Evolution Stage II, every action in the MegaWorld can not be completed without MegaWorld $MEGA.

With the only exception of acquiring Land Plots and Districts, which are Macroeconomics assets on Layer 1 those still using native blockchain cryptocurrency.

$MEGA can be freely traded on exchange, gifted or transferred between players.

Use Cases


  • Construct and upgrade a building
  • Produce Resource, create a new Avatar
  • Purchase Insurance in Municipal buildings
  • Restore Avatars’ Stamina in Commercials
  • Unlock Perks in Districts
  • Transfer cross-chain Resources
  • Use public transport by Avatar
  • Reward Avatars to accomplish tasks
  • Project construction license fee
  • Purchase goods on the in-game market


  • Complete tasks in MegaWorld Express
  • Govern a District to collect taxes
  • Run public transport services
  • Sell Insurance in Municipal buildings
  • Collect royalties for a Custom Projects
  • Collect from Global and Local Funds
  • Sell Custom Building’s Units to Avatars
  • Restore Citizens Stamina in Commercials
  • Produce and sell Resources
  • Flip land plots after new District opening

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Total Supply

MEGA Total Supply is 21 Million.

MEGA is presented on three chains:

Token Allocation

In-game Balance

Mega, the in-game currency, is held by players across various in-game balances in the Strategy mode. Each city (chain) has its own balance, and players also have virtual wallets for Builder and Express Delivery.

In the Express Delivery mode, there are three MEGA wallets, one for each city. Players can always check the total balance of MEGA held in the game and see how it is distributed between these wallets in the Profile menu.

MegaWorld ID holds balances for Builder to collect royalties from Projects contructed on he gaming map, and for Express Delivery for accomplished missions.

There are also in-game balances for each city, players are fullfilling and withdrawing from their digital wallets and used in the game, also to transfer between chains via the bridge.

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Buildings' Balances

Every functional building in the MegaWorld has its own balance of MEGA that can be replenished from player's in-game balance and redeemed to the same player's in-game balance in MegaWorld Strategy.

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MEGA Bridge

$MEGA can be freely transferred between Ethereum and TRON networks using the Bridge the can be accessed in the MegaWorld Strategy mode.

The total supply of MEGA remains consistent across all chains where it is minted, including Ethereum, TRON Network, and BNB Chain. This uniformity enables a seamless token bridge mechanism, facilitating the transfer of MEGA between different chains. Regardless of the network used, the total supply of MEGA remains constant, ensuring a unified experience for users across multiple platforms.

The Bridge allows transferring MEGA between player's in-game balances on Ethereum, BNB Chain and TRON Network. Bridging ERC-20 MEGA on the Ethereum network will lock it on Bridge  contract withoutchanging the total supply of a token on Ethereum network, and unlocks the same amount from locked on Bridge contract on TRON network so a player can withdraw it from the in-game balance as a TRC-20 token oo the TRON Network. That will work in opposite direction and with BNB Chain the same way. Transfers between in-game accounts are implemented on the Layer 2 (Polygon), are instant and has no fees for players. All the transfers are completed in 1:1 ratio, with no commissions.

MEGA is minted on three different chains, each with an equal total supply of 21 million. A portion of the MEGA used on other chains is securely locked within the supply and stored in a Bridge contract.

Regardless of the network used, the total supply of MEGA remains constant, no MEGA is burned or minted, ensuring a unified experience and interoperability for users across multiple platforms.

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Swap $MEGA

Swap MegaCryptoPolis (MCP3D) $MEGA to MegaWorld $MEGA on the official MegaCryptoPolis 3D website.