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Residency in MegaWorld

Residency in MegaWorld allows to withdraw $MEGA from your Express Delivery balance to your digital wallet. By possessing at least one Unit, either by purchasing it for your Avatar on the marketplace the Custom Building or through constructing your own Custom Budiling, in any city, you become a permanetn resident of the MegaWorld. Another option to get a temporary residency in a Hotel that can be received for 24 hours in Creators Campaign.

Here's a comprehensive look at how you can achieve residency in the MegaWorld:

Purchase a Unit

The MegaWorld market allows players to purchase Units. These Units are not just virtual properties but also grant residency within the game world.

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Units can also be acquired from fellow players—either as gifts, trading assets, or perhaps for being an active participant in a Corporation.

Construct a Custom Building

Players can take a more hands-on approach by designing and deploying their own Custom Buildings on their land plot parcels within the MegaWorld Strategy mode. Once deployed, the building can then be tokenized into multiple Units.

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Most Custom Buidlings have several Units. Keep one Unit for your Avatar and the rest of the Units can either be listed on the market for sale or gifted to other players.

Temporary Resident

Hotels are located within the Main Towers, offering a unique opportunity to unlock MEGA withdrawals. By redeeming a Hotel in the Creators Campaign, players can attain a temporary residency that is valid for 24 hours.