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Funds & Taxes

Just like in real life, every action in the game requires tax payments, which are accepted in MEGA. Every city has it's own Global and Local Funds.

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There are dedicated $MEGA Funds for Ethereum, TRON and BNB cities:

  • the Global Fund (Federal Tax),
  • the Local Fund (District's Tax).

Whenever players engage in activities such as constructing or upgrading buildings, collecting produced Materials, Citizens, or Appliances, or availing services in Commercial buildings, these actions result in the filling of the both Funds.

Most actions in MegaWorld that involves the expenditure of MEGA, such as constructing buildings or collecting production results, triggers the distribution of MEGA among 4 entities within the game in equal proportions:

  • 25% - Global Fund 
  • 25% - Local (District's) Fund
  • 25% - District Owner
  • 25% - Developers

It's the same for Custom Buildings, Functional buildings and Points of Interest.

Amount of Taxes to be paid are defined by Districts owners. That way each District may have its own policy on actions performed on its territory. Rules are defined in the Distict Control Panel and are publicly available to anyone in the District info.

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Funds Distribution

These Funds are then distributed every game cycle between all the Office building owners.

$MEGA Funds calculations are done daily, while the Citizens are checked for Stamina a random minute every hour. That will not allow to appoint Citizens for a couple of hours to collect the daily results, adding fairness and ensuring the workload for Commercial buildings.

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Collecting $MEGA

Paper is essential to collect $MEGA from Offices. To produce Paper, players need to utilize Compounds, which involve cross-chain operations. The production of Paper not only enables Mega collection but also enhances the production of Complex, Basic Materials, and Resources across all chains.

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