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Delivery Orders

Express Delivery orders offered in Functional Buildings with rewards in MEGA allows to boost production in Industrial, Production (excluding Factories) and Energy buildings.

When Avatars in Express Delivery complete orders in these buildings for the reward, a production output witness a substantial increase of up to 75%.

Functional Building Owners & MEGA Deposits

Owners of Functional Buildings initiate the process by depositing $MEGA into their buildings in Strategy mode and naming rewards for orders to be completed by couriers in Express Delivery mode. Completing those orders aid in a notable surge in production for these Functional Buildings.

The number of orders that must be fulfilled by couriers to unlock the full +75% production boost depends on the building's level:

Level 1 20
Level 2 25
Level 3 32
Level 4 42
Level 5 58
Level 6 93
Level 7 150

Once rewards are set and a sufficient $MEGA balance is available in a building, Express Delivery couriers will get informed of these orders on their in-game phones. The game's mechanism ensures that orders are visible as long as there's available MEGA on the balance for rewards.

For the building owners, the main allure of these orders is the significant production boost they offer. A fully executed set of missions during one production cycle can yield up to a 75% production increase. Please note that last 25% of orders do the 75% of production increase. 

Orders Availability & Completion

Every order completion is about collecting packages with a series of challenges - mainly involving delivering to various buildings. The number of buildings a courier must visit is contingent on the building type and its current level where the order originates. After fulfilling all deliveries (in no particular sequence), couriers return to the original building to claim their $MEGA rewards.

Every courier's efficiency is defined by their Avatar's qualifications, which are drawn from the Citizen used in Express Delivery (from the connected MegaWorld ID). Its qualifications determine the distances to travel for deliveries - the higher qualifications the closer delivery destinations.

While couriers are rewarded with $MEGA for their diligent deliveries, the game does extract a minor commission from these rewards, ensuring the sustainability of MegaWorld ecosystem.

Once a delivery order is taken by a Courier in the Functional Building, a certain amount of MEGA will be blocked on the building's balance ensuring the Courier will have the reward once the order is finished. The amount will be blocked until the order is either completed, timed out or cancelled by player. 

Rewards from delivery orders could be increased by Citizen's special traits or by Boosts received in Creators Campaign.  

Challenges & Distance Dynamics

Given the vastness of MegaWorld, couriers occasionally face orders that take them to far-off Districts. While these might offer higher rewards, reaching them can be challenging. Here's where the game's public transportation system with its subways and bus stops, come into play. Using them allows couriers to access remote locations more swiftly, albeit at the expense of some $MEGA.

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There is no limit to the number of orders a courier can undertake in a single day. In future upgrades, running time may become constrained by Citizen's Stamina. Stamina will be replenished within time or instantly in Commercial buildings.

Furthermore, it's essential to note that in Alpha, all rewards for delivery orders are fixed. In Beta phase, they will be contingent on the time required to complete an order.

To sum up, the Express Delivery orders is a comprehensive economic loop, integrating building owners, couriers and the broader audience and creating a synergy between game modes.

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