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Smart Contracts

MegaWorld Strategy is 100% on-chain, with all the game logic running on smart contracts. They define the rules, conditions, and interactions within the game. All the data, values, balances, transfers, production mechanisms, and requirements are written and executed within these smart contracts. This ensures that the game operates in a decentralized and trustless manner.

Smart contracts are self-executive pieces of game logic deployed on a number of Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains, all with the game rules directly written into code.

Every game asset in MegaWorld is a non-fungible token, in-game's currency is a fungible token and every action taken in the game is a transaction recorded on a blockchain with all the data and performed interactions.

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It makes every aspect of the game transparent, secure, and verifiable by users. Most importantly, that ensures immutability of game rules.  

Tokens Smart Contract Addresses

Layer 1 Assets

All the Marcoeconomic assets are minted on Layer 1 blockchains.


  • Districts (ERC-721) 🟒 0x778cC248CdDDFd926bfBa49850098eaC16B0D12a - EtherScan
  • Lands (ERC-721) 🟒 0xE15e9c0bf6B6B29d3b9e1c921AB2CB09C2194463 - EtherScan

TRON Network

  • Districts 🟒 TQ9kBKJeVhBYGj3RZaY4fBcnR945FpXUxe - TRONScan
  • Lands 🟒 TTyDQUsvZGgNDoCaBKy4Znm6cRVXW7pzM5 - TRONScan

BNB Chain

  • Districts 🟒 0x565a36Aa30E5b166162167889e7BcDCaf6218052 - BscScan
  • Lands 🟒 0x691d4c4dE14f291Ce85E137F5C93b1727f817f4b - BscScan

$MEGA Token (ERC-20) Smart Contracts

Layer 2 Assets

All the Microeconomic assets are minted on Polygon sidechain.

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Ethereum City

  • Citizens (ERC-721) 🟒 0x726E1B4841968c0c3EEbeeF880e60875B745b3c0 - PolygonScan
  • Pets (ERC-721) 🟒 0xe97ddB6979318857cAB92a47A70e02D6130Dc37B - PolygonScan
  • Cars (ERC-721) 🟒 0x0D8028c369ABA2c0038B9A45146EA2d0F975FD5E - PolygonScan
  • Appliances (ERC-721) 🟒 0xfa17A2751576277176627C1f525F1EDa94575555 - PolygonScan
  • Resource Packs 🟒 0x3165FEae42a182E5Ec33BAfA9F326E8c409FdBE6 - PolygonScan


  • Citizens (ERC-721) 🟒 0x19eD22F59aC603F9f63339EfF27cF6b199DB269e - PolygonScan
  • Pets (ERC-721) 🟒 0x4eb590f5e9a58445204899f630581654DF212535 - PolygonScan
  • Cars (ERC-721) 🟒 0x326d7b6C25Ad2d64cB4079b2422c9dF8D6CF65e7 - PolygonScan
  • Appliances (ERC-721) 🟒 0x42e9131C1bAe6dc9C3e9a95bA376cdf8a0383994 - PolygonScan
  • Resource Packs 🟒 0x598e29Cd83582702eA289c1CB50B051484b7212C - PolygonScan

BNB City

  • Citizens (ERC-721) 🟒 0x4a9966D435C4049F008e2E889e4CA28bFF0223F7 - PolygonScan
  • Pets (ERC-721) 🟒 0x1C708d467b9b94257279263354fc9549c3C2C453 - PolygonScan
  • Cars (ERC-721) 🟒 0xfbe634B6357D3369BF6Ce51e08568934F67B22aD - PolygonScan
  • Appliances (ERC-721) 🟒 0x4e657d73bd350907B7aBc636ea53C2c1fEaff801 - PolygonScan
  • Resource Packs 🟒 0x4cC0C70a8a72F15bb43EDfE252b07d3a4be4c252 - PolygonScan

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Immutability of Game Rules

Since its inception in May 2018, the core contracts of MegaWorld have remained unchanged. The core balance was set from day one and has never been adjusted. This stability and consistency provide players with confidence that the game operates.

Transparent Ledger

All interactions, transactions, and operations within the game are processed and validated directly on the blockchain. Each transaction is recorded on the blockchain and publicly available through blockchain scanners. That guarantees the integrity of the game's economy and ensures that every action within MegaWorld can be verified and traced back to its origin.

100% On-chain

Players can trust that their actions are governed by the pre-defined rules and that the integrity of the game is preserved through the decentralized nature of the blockchain.