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Alpha Packs

A limited collection of MegaWorld Express Alpha Packs featuring unique Alpha courier Gen A Citizens, exclusive Supercars and Alpha Ticket with early access to Alpha in every Pack.

Alpha Packs will be minted across all the three cities - Ethereum, TRON, and BNB Chain.

For a limited time only, from 1th to 7th of April an exclusive collection of 3X "Golden" badge  Generation A Citizens will be available in the Store, featuring all 7+ Points Qualifications. 

Better qualifications lead to improved production results in Strategy Mode and reduce travel distance between buildings in Express. 

Here’s what’s left in inventory as of 1st of April, 2024:

  • Ethereum: 81 Packs
  • TRON: 97 Packs
  • BNB: 99 Packs

Alpha Packs are available for acquisition only in the official MegaWorld Store ( until April 7th, 2024.

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Contents and Pricing

Alpha Packs prices are set as follows: 

  • Ethereum City — 0.099 ETH
  • TRON City — 1,999 TRX
  • BNB City — 0.77 BNB


Discounts applied when purchasing Packs in bulk:

Packs, from Discount
2 5% OFF
5 7% OFF
10 10% OFF

Courier Avatars

Alpha Courier Gen A Citizen are tailored to be used as Avatar in MeagWorld Express with a number of distinctive features or could be appointed to a Functional Building in MegaWorld Strrategy.

Alpha Courier Citizen characteristics:

  • Generation A (with the maximum 55 breed count)
  • Only Top Qualifications - Executive or Top Executive
  • Unique Trait allowing Avatar for faster running speed in MegaWorld Express
  • Distinctive outfit with no courier bag

Citizen's role (Executive / Top Executive) determined by Avatar's Qualifications. These Qualifications affect delivery distances in Functional buildings to accomplish delivery orders in Express mode, with higher qualifications requiring less travel. They also define Citizen’s performance in Functional Buildings when appointed to operate in MegaWorld Strategy.

→ Read more about Citizens

Alpha Citizens come with a selection of Traits tailored to be used in the Express mode as Avatars - all the Avatars from Express Alpha Packs will have a Trait granting at least 25% boost for run speed that significantly enhances the convenience of making deliveries. There's also a chance of obtaining a higher 50% boost and the exclusive double-speed lightning-fast Trait.

  • Alpha Courier — +25% running speed boost
  • Swift Alpha Courier — +50% running speed boost (limited to 300 on all chains)
  • Lightning-Fast Alpha Courier — +100% (X2) running speed boost (limited to 99 on all chains)

→ Read more about Traits

Kindly be aware that in every Pack, you are guaranteed to receive an Alpha Courier with a unique trait of at least +25% running speed. Only 300 Swift Alpha Couriers and 99 Lightning-Fast Alpha Couriers will be minted, and they are totally free to be transferred between cities. All the 10/10 Astronauts will also receive Lightning-Fast double-speed Trait!


Cars can be parked in Strategy mode buildings to save Citizens' Stamina or used in Express Delivery for quicker deliveries. Every Express Alpha Pack comes with a Car.

Express Alpha Pack gives a unique chance to receive one of exclusive Supercars: 

  • Express Delivery Van — limited to 80 for each city (240 total)
  • 6x6 Armageddon — limited to 32 for each city (96 total)
  • Majestic — limited to 7 for each city (21 total)

Since MegaWorld's inception in 2018 (formerly MegaCryptoPolis), Car tokens have solely been obtainable through top-tier Packs — all Cars currently accessible in the game were initially acquired from the Store.

Each Pack contains only one Car token, so if a Supercar drops, you won't receive a regular Car token.

→ Read more about Cars

During Early Alpha, all Avatars in Express Delivery can access any Cars on the streets. In Beta and Stable releases, only player-owned Cars will be usable for Avatars.

With the Cars Plant release coming to the game as the part of the roadmap, players will be able to craft Cars in MegaWorld Strategy with 2x3 special building, requiring 6 land plots to construct with around 40 Special Citizens to operate and a lot of Resources, including cross-chain (produced in other cities) and Factory produced Appliances.

All Supercars have no limit to the type of a building to be appointed to in the Strategy mode (regular Car tokens can be parked only for their corresponding building types). Stamina reduction points to be as follows:

  • Express Delivery Van — 15% Stamina consumption reduction
  • 6x6 Armageddon — 20% Stamina consumption reduction
  • Majestic — 50% Stamina consumption reduction

A maximum of 100% Stamina points reduction can be achieved when 2 Majestic or 3 Supercars parked in the building.

Express Delivery Vans are exclusive and will never be minted again. Armageddon will be available to be created in Cars Plant, but is considered to be one of the top Super Cars and beyond many other models, will have even higher requirement for Resources, IP and extreme luck to produce one. Majestic is available only in Packs.

Please note that in the Early Alpha phase, all Avatars can freely use any Cars found on the streets. However, moving into Beta and Stable releases, only Cars owned by players will be operational in Express Delivery. Express Delivery Avatars will be able to spawn Cars near their location in Beta no matter in which city the Car token is minted.

Alpha Ticket

The Alpha Ticket is your gateway to the MegaWorld Express closed Alpha, offering exclusive early access to all the features of the game. Every Alpha Ticket includes 10 Invitations to closed Alpha for friends. Alpha Tickets aren't tradable or transferable, limited to one per wallet.

→ Read more about Early Access

Please note there will be no extra Alpha Tickets or friend Invitations be added for multiple Pack purchases from the same wallet.

Minting Packs

Acquiring Packs involves a Layer 1 (L1) transaction — once the purchase is confirmed, Pack tokens are minted on L1 platform (Ethereum, BNB Chain or TRON Network) in the form of NFT. Following this, an additional transaction is necessary to unveil the contents of the Pack.

Players can immediately proceed to open Alpha Packs and discover the in-game assets they've secured. Both Cars and Vehicles materialize as Layer 2 (Polygon Chain) NFTs. These assets can instantly be employed within the game, or if one chooses, traded on the in-game market or even external marketplaces right after minting.

A noteworthy mention is that players need not establish a connection to the Polygon Chain. All expenses related to L1 transactions fall under the player's responsibility, while we take pride in shouldering all costs associated with L2 in-game transactions.

Token Transfers

Citizens have the flexibility of travelling between cities via the Airport, making them cross-chain assets. Cars, at least as of current mechanics, are anchored to the Strategy of the city they are minted in, limiting their translocation. However, when it comes to Express Delivery's Beta phase, Avatars will have the option of spawning owned Cars close to their current location, regardless of the city the Car token was originally minted in.

→ Read more about Cross-chain Transfers

Once all the Packs are distributed, there will be no offerings for Alpha Couriers and Express Delivery Vans exclusive Cars. Only 240 Express Delivery Vans and a maximum of 999 Alpha Courier Citizens will even exist.