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Virtual Wallets

With every MegaWorld ID, a two virtual wallets are set up to hold and manage MEGA.

Builder Wallet

This wallet is linked directly with MegaWorld Builder. Whenever other players deploy your custom building projects on the gaming map, you earn royalties. These royalties are instantly credited to this Builder wallet. From here, you can easily transfer your balance either to the Strategy in-game balance or to your Express Delivery balance.

Express Delivery Wallet

This is where your earned MEGA for completed delivery tasks is stored. This wallet also serves as your in-game balance in Express Delivery and allows for payment of using public transport facilities like Subways and Buses and purhasing Units from the marketplace.

Units offered on the in-game market in MEGA are available to be purchased with Express Delivery balance. Please note that there's a +10% commission on top for that method of payment.

Transferring Funds

Express Delivery account can be fulfilled from any Strategy in-game balance with MEGA.

You can transfer MEGA from both Builder and Express Delivery wallets to your in-game MegaWorld Strategy balance. Once there, it can be seamlessly withdrawn to your personal digital wallet, available as ERC-20, TRC-20, or BEP-20 tokens, depending on a network. These tokens can then be sent to various exchanges or held securely on the wallet.

A residency in MegaWorld is required to transfer MEGA from the Express Delivery to your Strategy in-game account. This does not apply for Builder account or Units purchases from the Express Delivery account.

A residency can be gained by a owning a Unit at least in one of the cities (confirmed by connected digital wallet to MegaWorld ID) or a Hotel in Main Towers to be acquired in the Creators Campaign.

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