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Digital Wallets

Virtual Wallet

A virtual digital wallet is created along with MegaWorld ID that allows to start your adventure in the MegaWorld and accumulate $MEGA in Express Delivery and Builder modes.

However, to fully connect your gameplay with the Strategy mode, acquire and manage game assets, and transfer game assets to and from your virtual wallet, a Web3 wallet is required.

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Install a Digital Wallet

A digital crypto wallet is required to authorise in the game, securely store game assets and sign transactions on the blockchain.

We recommend using MetaMask and TRON Link digital wallets to play on desktop and mobile devices.

Desktop Wallets


Please be aware that all your game assets are stored in your digital wallet, and it is essential to maintain direct access to the wallet to manage them. If you lose access to your digital wallet, it will not be possible to restore access to your in-game assets. Your MegaWorld ID and passwords set for the wallet are used solely for convenient access to most features, but do not grant access to your digital assets or allows to sign transactions on smart contracts.

Please note that "Microeconomics" game assets (which are Citizens, Cars, Appliances, Pets etc.) are stored Layer 2 networks like Polygon and Boba Network. MegaWorld handles all the transactions for the players on these chains and there is no need to set up a digital wallet to work with these chains. All you have to do is sign a message to facilitate action on Layer 2 smart contract, all the gas fees are covered by MegaWorld team. This approach is implemented to enhance scalability, provide instant and free transactions for players, and ensure a seamless Web3 experience for all the players.

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For all the operations with "Macroeconomics" tokens minted on Layer 1 (Districts, Land Plots and Buildings) players cover gas fees from their wallets.

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IMPORTANT! Please consider taking care of private keys and seed phrase generated during wallet creation. Keep them in secure place and never disclose your private key or phrase. Anyone with this data can take all your crypto and game assets forever.
There is no way the MegaWorld team will be able to help you to restore game assets in case you loose access to your digital wallet. MegaWorld don’t have access to your private keys or seed phrases and does not store this data on server. We will never ask you to provide us with your private keys or phrase used to access your wallet.

Connect a Digital Wallet

Link your digital wallet to MegaWorld ID to manage assets across multiple chains, select your in-game Avatar for Express Delivery and unlock payments in $MEGA from Express Delivery balance.

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