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Ways To Play

MegaWorld offers a multitude of ways to play, catering to diverse gaming preferences and interests across all its modes. Whether you're a strategic mastermind, a creative builder, or an adventurous explorer, there's something for everyone.


Engage in the Strategy mode, where you construct and manage buildings, produce resources, and shape the city's economy.

  • Produce valuable Resources and supply them to other players
  • Construct Custom Buildings and mint Units for Avatars
  • Construct and level up Functional buildings to let or sell them
  • Trade properties on the open market, buy low and sell high
  • Nurture new generations of citizens
  • Transfer Resources between chains to meet market demand
  • Run Commercials to restore Stamina for Citizens
  • Offer Insurances and protect other buildings with Municipals
  • Flip land plots
  • Flip Units
  • Flip Citizens
  • Flip Resources
  • Create your own Corporation and invite members to form alliances
  • Run Public Transport operations to collect $MEGA for every ticket
  • Rent production facilities and maximize their results
  • Accumulate $MEGA from the Funds in Office buildings
  • Govern a District, build POIs and unlock Perks for builders to collect taxes from every action within


Unleash your imagination in the Builder mode, creating custom buildings with endless design possibilities.

  • Design Projects of Custom Buildings
  • Publish Projects in Catalog and collect royalties


Embark on thrilling missions and fast-paced deliveries as an Avatar in the Express Delivery mode.

  • Complete orders for rewards in $MEGA and help Functional Buildings produce Resorces in Strategy mode
  • Learn how the MegaWorld economics works by exploring different types of buildings
  • Strategically use Public Transport to max out rewards and reduce completion timing
  • Explore the city and hang out with friends
  • Deploy a networks of Units and Custom Buildings to complete orders faster
  • Become a part of a Corporation to utilize their Units and Citizens
  • Park a Car in your Custom Building and use it for faster navigation
  • Have fun

MegaWorld truly encompasses a vast gaming experience, inviting players to discover their preferred playstyle and immerse themselves in this captivating virtual world.

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