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Units are housed within Custom Buildings and play a crucial role in Express Delivery  allowing Avatars to fast travel and unlocks withdrawals.

An Avatar may have a dedicated Unit in a Custom Building or use an entire Custom Building enjoying features like Car Parking and extra Units for guests. 

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Using Units in Express Delivery

Avatars benefit from having dedicated Units and Custom Buildings, enabling them to complete orders more efficiently and instant travel without relying on Public Transportation, which often requires spending $MEGA tokens.

Units can also serve as spawn points, allowing Avatars to start the game from a specific location within the gaming map. Thatmight be considered useful while a Unit is located near a vast production center with lots of available daily oredrs in Functional Buildings.  

Avatars must have a residence in the city to maintain transfer operations, making at least one Unit in a city a requirement to transfer $MEGA earnings to a digital wallet. That said, to perform delivery orders in different cities, players need at least one unit in each city.

Multiple units in a city create a network of points for instant travel. Strategically owning Units across cities in locations surrounded by Industrial, Energy and Production buildings enhances optimizes delivery operations at most.

Create Units

New Units can be generated through the deployment of Custom Buildings. Initially created in the MegaWorld Builder and deployed on the gaming map in Strategy, Custom Buildings contain Units those could be minted as individual tokens. Players can use them for their own Avatars or sell on the open market.

Appoint a Unit to a Corporation

In the upcoming upgrades, Corporations will be able to utilize Units to form networks  on the gaming map around their centers of production to support assigned Avatars in completing orders more efficiently thus granting uninterrupted production process. 

Personal Space in the World

Moreover, during the Beta phase, players will have the opportunity to use Units for items storage, tools production and interior decoration. The size and number of Units in a building determine the efficiency and capacity for placing items, allowing players to personalize their virtual spaces.


Storefront are the most iconic Units, located inside Main Towers lobby interiors on Ethereum City and TRON City, only 10 of them were initially created for the Mega World:

  • 3 in Ethereum’s “Town Hall” Main Tower
  • 3 in TRON’s “Sun Tower” Main Tower

Additional 4 Units in Main Towers of both cities are reserved for common in-game activities (like "Partner’s Lounge", "Governance Hall" and "MegaBank"), but they will never be offered on the market.

Every Storefront comes with interior Block that can be customized by its owner and then accessed by every Tower visitor in Beta release of the game.