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Every action in the game requires $MEGA token to be completed.

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Most actions in the game requires taxes to be paid in $MEGA, those are allocated in Global and Local (District's) Funds and then redistributed between operational Office buildings on a daily basis.

The following is a comprehensive review of game activities and their utilization of the $MEGA token for operational purposes.

Buildings Construction

Buildings serve as the foundation of MegaWorld gameplay, with each type having its unique roles. To position them on the gaming map, construction on a designated land plot is necessary, which entails not only resources but also taxes paid in $MEGA.

The specific amount of $MEGA in taxes is determined by the District Owner for each type of a building and varies from one District to another. Tax rate is set by the District Owner in the District Control Panel, that defines the District development strategy and displayed in Districts list:

Changes in tax rates can occur within a district but are limited to a frequency of no more than once every 30 days.

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Mint Citizens

Creating new generations of Citizens requires taxes in $MEGA for every new Citizen.

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Resources Production

Every activity in MegaWorld relies on the utilization of Resources, which are produced in Industrial, Energy, and Production buildings. Every Resources production result collected, taxes must be paid in $MEGA.

The amount of taxes paid in $MEGA is contingent on both the settings determined by the District Owner and the type of Resources. After the Public Alpha release, they will also be influenced by the level of buildings.

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Delivery Orders

Functional buildings owners locks $MEGA in their buildings balance to name rewards for Couriers to do delivery orders in MegaWorld Express to boost production on Resources in their buildings.

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Commercial & Municipal Services

Municipal buildings offer Insurance to buildings constructed within their range to protect against natural disasters and reduce maintenance expenses. Commercial buildings enable the instant restoration of Citizens' Stamina Points. Both building types requires $MEGA for their services that goes to buildings' owner aside of taxes.

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Collecting $MEGA from Funds

Office buildings accumulate $MEGA daily from Global and Local Funds depending on their Influence Points.

In order to collect $MEGA from Offices a Paper is required.

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Custom Buildings

Design Projects of Custom Buildings in the MegaWorld Builder to be published in the Custom Buildings Catalog. Every time a player deploys your Project on a gaming map you receive $MEGA on your Builder balance.

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Trade on the Market

MegaWorld has an internal marketplace for in-game assets which can be traded using $MEGA Token.

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Public Transport

Use Public Transport map to reach locations in no time while doing delivery orders in the MegaWorld Express.

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Unlock Perks in Districts

Collectively lock $MEGA in Districts to unlock Perks those give great bonuses for all the operational buildings in the District.

Governing a District

District Owners set Taxes for each type of building operating on its territory and receive a share from every Tax paid in $MEGA.

$MEGA is accumulated on in-game balance.

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Appliances and Vehicles

Factories produce Appliances that allow to boost functional buildings' Influence Points, those will be also utilized for Vehicles production that is coming with Caps Plant upgrade.

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Some building types require Resources produced on other chains in order to be constructed and operated. Airport allows to transfer cross-chain Resources between cities.

Airport tickets are calculated for the volume a player desires to transfer and depends on certain demand for each direction of travel for each asset type.

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