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Early Alpha Access

MegaWorld Express is a new free-to-play experience that allows players to explore three unique cities while completing delivery orders as couriers for rewards in MEGA. 

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Early Access

MegaWorld Express will be launched in several stages. The first is Alpha, which will require an Invitation or Alpha Ticket for access.

MegaWorld Express Alpha is scheduled to launch September, 21 at around 6 PM UTC.

There will be a limited amount of Alpha Tickets distributed between players to take part in the MegaWorld Express Alpha. Each Alpha Ticket comes with 10 Invitations for friends. 

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Eligible to receive the Alpha Ticket:

  • Holders* of the MegaWorld (formerly MegaCryptoPolis) assets: Districts, Land Plots, Citizens
  • $MEGA holders*
  • Participants of MegaWorld Tour challenge
  • Every Express Alpha Pack purchased from the official in-game Store** comes with an Alpha Ticket
  • Influencers and streamers supporting the Alpha launch
  • SUPERNOVAE partners, and friendly projects

* — as of September, the 1st.
** — not earlier than September, 28.

All the MegaWorld Express participants are required to have a registered MegaWorld ID and ensure that their digital wallet holding assets is linked within their Profile.

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An Invitation grants an early access to MegaWorld Express closed Alpha, that is provided via unique link by Alpha Ticket holder. The link will be available in the MegaWorld Profile and can be sent directly to friends or shared on social media platforms. Please note, only the first 10 individuals who register through the link will gain immediate access to MegaWorld Express - anyone signing up after that will be added to the priority waitlist and given access with the next stage launch.

You can always check the number of remaining invitations you have in your MegaWorld Profile.

Additional Invitations can be acquired through the Creators Campaign raffle. By accumulating Scores and participating in the raffle, players can increase the number of available Invitations for MegaWorld Express Alpha. Furthermore, as the players you invite contribute Scores to you with every action they make in the game, it operates on a cascading effect: the more players you bring in, the greater the number of invitations that become available in your Profile.

As we proceed with Alpha, additional Invitations will be distributed during marketing campaigns to invite new players to join the MegaWorld Express. Influencers, guilds, and web3 gaming communities hold priority rights to secure their desired number of invitations — don't hesitate to reach us for inquiries.


In MegaWorld Express, players complete orders in Functional Buildings across all the cities. These orders are initially set up by building owners in the MegaWorld Strategy. Eager to optimize their operations, players recognize the value of couriers — by completing all orders within a single production cycle, they can boost production results in their buildings by an impressive +75%. To attract couriers over competitors, owners are inclined to offer better rewards in MEGA, ensuring their missions are the top pick for couriers.

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