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Game Modes

There are three entry points to the MegaWorld multiverse, all using the same game assets and working under the same MegaWorld ID.

Initially MegaWorld (formerly MegaCryptoPolis or MCP3D) started as the Strategy mode in 2018, with the first versions of Express Delivery (previously called "Tour") being showcased in 2021. MegaWorld Builder was presented early 2023.


Strategy mode used to perform most actions in the game. Here players manage their assets, acquire Land Plots and Districts, create Parcels, construct and upgrade buildings, establish operations in their Functional Buildings to produce all types of the game assets, collect $MEGA from the Funds, insure this Functional Buildings, restore Stamina for Citizens, unlock Perks in Districts, shape Public Transport system, deploy Custom Buildings, mint Units, govern Districts, manage Corporations and trade on the open market.

MegaWorld Strategy is actually a decentralized application (dApp) running on multiply blockchains that requires a Web3 digital wallet to paly with user-friendly GUI to help players visualize results of their actions and .

Normally, there could be alternative clients and tools for the Strategy mode, as the community members already presented a number of them in development, as all the data is stored in the public distributed ledger.


In MegaWorld Builder, the canvas is yours to create stunning design of Custom Buildings.

Every element in design of a Custom Building requires certain Resources forming the costs for a Project deployment. Resource management aspect in the Project design is a challenge, as players must balance their creative endeavors with the practicalities of acquiring the necessary Resources to deployed on the gaming map. The more Resources are required to construct a building the more expensive each Unit contained within will be.

Players can evaluate their Custom Buildings at any stage of development and explore them in Preview mode to fine-tune the Project before publishing.

Players can deploy their own Projects for their private use, allowing their Avatars to live and work in the MegaWorld within their custom-designed structures, utilizing every Unit and parking slot it has. Alternatively, players can design and publish Projects in the Catalog, offering others an opportunity to construct Custom Buildings based on their creations.

Once a Custom Building is constructed on a Land Plot Parcel a building owner can mint Units as NFTs. Units could be used by different Avatars living and working in the virtual city.


In MegaWorld Express, players take on the role of couriers accomplishing delivery orders from Functional Buildings to enable Resources production in them for a fee in MEGA.

It is the perfect way to learn the basics of the game — as couriers, players navigate the city discovering vast areas created by players of MegaWorld Strategy, familiarize themselves with the gaming map layout and rules, interact with various building types and earn valuable rewards along the way. From Functional and Custom buildings to transportation hubs, players learn how each building contributes to the vast economics of the MegaWorld and look for the better place to establish their presence.

Explore the city, fulfill delivery orders, navigate through the obstacles, interact with other players, make decisions to optimize your delivery routes with Subways and Bus Stops and become a vital link in the logistics network that fuels the virtual realm to participate in the lively economy of MegaWorld!

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All the modes are connected through a single MegaWorld ID, which provides a single login to access all MegaWorld services. Players can unite land plots and form parcels, and they can deploy custom buildings on the parcels they create.