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MegaWorld Masterplan AMA Session Recap

February 1, 2024

MegaWorld community held an AMA session on published 2024-2025 Masterplan packed with crucial updates and future plans.

Here's an overview of what was discussed during ⁠AMA on MegaWorld Discord server this January 30th.

Tax Increases

MEGA taxes for collecting Resources production results will double in Level 7 buildings, increase to approximately 1.7 in Level 6s, be around 1.5 or less in 4th and 5th levels, with minimal or no increase for starter levels. Additionally, there will be a tax hike on construction costs across all building types before the Public Launch. Resources requirements remains the same.

New Worlds

Proposal for a new city with all the Districts, land plots and initial resource packs priced in MEGA.

Beta Version Vehicles

Adding Speed / Haul params to Cars which will be used to accomplish delivery orders in Beta, contemplation of new transport types like helicopters and boats.

Distribution of OTC Funds

Prioritizing withdrawals and MEGA liquidity, then targeting funds for user acquisition campaigns through recognized niche platforms and influencers.

MEGA Locks in Districts

Implementing a minimum lock-in period of 7-14 days for MEGA in Districts.

Final Gen A Citizens distribution

Reorganizing Store to offer 300 packs each containing 3 "Gold" Trait Avatars with all min 7-8 qualifications, purchasable with MEGA. No Cars, no Tickets inside.

vMEGA Limitations

Unfortunately, we’ll not be able to use vMEGA (locked MEGA released in OTC deals) for unlocking perks in districts or other use cases due to game mechanics restrictions.


Adding a new type of buildings to project development roadmap as a requirement for storing materials, preventing resource stockpiling.

APIs for Developers

Plans to explore open API options for developers to build toolsets.

Minimal MEGA OTC

Reduced requirement of min MEGA order to participate in OTC deals on 2nd and 3rd batches.

Withdrawal Claim Process

Decision to add a cancel option for withdrawal claims.