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Revised Marketing Focus


Units are central to the gaming loop of MegaWorld Alpha mechanics. The Custom Buildings that contain these are designed to drive Resource production and consumption within the game.

With the last developments, we had to reimagine the gaming process and implement last-minute changes to the Alpha concept.

In the MegaWorld Alpha release, all Citizens will require a Unit within the same District to be appointed and operate a building. This will enforce Custom Buildings construction and further increase the cost of the Resource production, as promised.

We are assigning a more significant role to Custom Buildings and Units in our marketing efforts, demonstrating various ways to utilize Units in the game.

The Alpha start will be united with the launch of a new chain, where each District will already be equipped with Custom Buildings to be owned by District owners. This is intended to reduce the initial friction to accommodate all Citizens to start the production.

New District openings will occur not earlier than once a month, meaning each city will see a new District every 3-4 months.

We anticipate resolving liquidity issues following the completion of OTC deals, with the remaining slots expected to be filled in the coming months.

Most importantly, we are shifting our marketing focus from the Couriers to “Web3 virtual real estate” narrative. We recognise it as the most effective way to integrate new players into the city-building incentives, directly driving traffic to the Strategy rather than going through a free-to-play model.

Consequently, we will have to redesign the Masterplan for game development, reducing the emphasis on the Express for a while. However, the vision for Beta remains unchanged, where the full-featured browser, desktop and mobile apps will play a crucial role.

These adjustments may extend the timeline for the Alpha release, but the MEGA OTC token unlocks and all the marketing activities will proceed as planned.