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MegaWorld Starts MEGA OTC Deals Ahead of Public Alpha Release

February 20, 2024

MegaWorld, the first 100% on-chain strategy Web3 city builder game, has been setting the standard in autonomous worlds since 2018. Players construct buildings to produce resources essential for the construction, maintenance, and operation of other structures within the game.

Scheduled for public launch in Q2 2024, with a closed Alpha currently available by invitation only, the new Express mode adds a courier simulator dimension to MegaWorld. This mode requires no installation or Web3 wallet, offering immediate play in the browser.

Closed Alpha testing has demonstrated impressive metrics, with 90% in-game token utilization and only 1% of Total Supply (TS) held in wallets by players.

In preparation for the Public Alpha release of MegaWorld Express, 24% of the total $MEGA supply is being released into the market through direct OTC deals. This is the first time such a significant amount of $MEGA has been available, with none previously airdropped or given away for free.

As outlined in the MegaWorld 2024-2025 Masterplan, a total of 5,000,000 MEGA will be distributed in five batches, each comprising 1,000,000 MEGA. Batches vary in minimum order and price - the first batch has a minimum acquisition of 250k, the second 150k, and the third 50k. The first two batches have been reserved by players and early adopters, while the third batch is available on the official website. Reserved allocations for earlier batches have a 14-day completion window; unclaimed allocations will be offered to the next in line.

The fourth batch, with a minimal order of just 1,000 MEGA, opens to everyone on March 15. This presents a prime opportunity to acquire MEGA at historically low prices. Register your interest to reserve an allocation for MEGA acquisition through direct over-the-counter deal by filling the form on the official website.

Funds raised from OTC deals will be directed towards boosting user acquisition and enhancing token liquidity. The product is fully developed and ready for release, opening a new chapter in MegaWorld's six-year journey.

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