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Buy Units in Strategy Mode with $MEGA from Express Balance

December 22, 2024

Starting today, everyone can use Express mode $MEGA balance to purchase Units in Strategy mode, granting your Avatar permanent residency in the MegaWorld.

MegaWorld Express allows players to earn $MEGA by completing delivery orders. On top of many other usecases, $MEGA can be used to acquire Units in Strategy mode, providing an Avatar with residency and granting the ability to cash out $MEGA.

Securing the first Unit in MegaWorld can be challenging, as $MEGA from Express mode can't be transferred to Strategy mode without existing residency. A new feature now allows using Express mode $MEGA to buy Units in Strategy mode, bypassing this issue.


Step 1.

Login the MegaWorld website with your Avatar profile and connect your digital Web3 wallet - one that will be used to enter the Strategy mode and hold a Unit token.



Step 2.

Open Strategy mode and choose a Unit in the marketplace with price in $MEGA and click it (not the BUY button). Alternatively, locate a Custom Building on the gaming map and press 'Token info' button in the Units list on one that is for sale.



Step 3.

An option to purchase a Unit using $MEGA from Express mode balance will appear. Confirm the purchase by signing a transaction in the wallet, Unit token will be transferred on the L2 Polygon network.


Small commission will be added to the price for the service. No gas fees required. Anyone can do it with absolutely no wallet balance. Be aware, Unit tokens become non-transferable after purchased for 30 days, and residency is forfeited upon Unit transfer.

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